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    34 Useful Products That'll Help You Waste Less Food

    Less waste = less money = happier you!

    1. An adorable terracotta bear that'll magically save your brown sugar from getting all hard and lumpy.

    2. A set of stackable microwave- and freezer-safe storage containers to help your leftovers stay fresh for as long as possible.

    3. A bag cincher you can use for your loaves of bread or packages of frozen food that's way less annoying than those pesky bread tags and twist ties.

    4. An airtight container for keeping your guac perfectly green and fresh until you're ready to serve it, because nothing is sadder than brown guac (would still eat, though).

    5. Or a set of avocado-savers if you're more of an avocado purist and need something that actually works to extend the life of one for an extra day or two.

    6. Plastic containers with the miraculous ability to keep produce day-one fresh for almost two weeks (seriously!!).

    7. A set of fridge organizer bins to make everything visible and accessible — say goodbye to your old messy fridge where food is always pushed to the back and forgotten until it's rotten!

    8. And while you're at it, a three-tier organizer that'll make everything visible and accessible in your cabinets as well.

    9. A dehydrator to preserve produce even longer — you can make dried fruit, kale chips, or even jerky in this handy gadget!

    10. A magical sheet of paper that'll make produce last longer simply by being in the vicinity — just pop one in a bowl of fruit, a salad bag, or a fridge drawer.

    11. A pack of cheese storage bags for preserving the flavor and extending the shelf life of your fancy fromage.

    12. A five-piece set of chip clips that'll always come in handy — for sealing chip bags, coffee beans, and virtually anything else in your pantry or fridge.

    13. An adorable food-shaped storage container so there's never any confusion about what's inside!

    14. A recipe book that'll show you how to make the most of out of each ingredient or meal. Who knew you could make a delicious pesto out of carrot tops? Not me!

    15. A vacuum sealer perfect for anyone who likes buying in bulk, so you can seal and freeze ingredients for years (literally).

    16. A set of silicone food huggers that'll make you abandon cellophane wrap forever — they even work well on jars and cans.

    17. An Aerogarden, so you'll have all the garden-fresh herbs you use most all year long — growing right on your countertop!

    18. A set of reusable plastic-free mesh produce bags for keeping fruits and veggies organized and fresh — plus you can bring 'em to the grocery store as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic produce bags.

    19. A fabric liner that'll absorb excess moisture and help your veggies stay crisp in the crisper drawer.

    20. A customer-favorite 10-piece airtight container set for storing snacks, pasta, cereal, and other dry goods in your pantry that you'll use from now until the end of time.

    21. An airtight case so your butter won't absorb any unpleasant fridge odors — you can even leave the butter out at room temp and it'll stay fresh for a couple weeks (provided that the room isn't too warm).

    22. A banana hanger that's more than just a cute kitchen accent: Bananas actually stays fresher longer when they're hanging!

    23. The "Smart Funnel," which lets you transfer the lasts bits of BBQ sauce/olive oil/ketchup from one bottle to another — hands-free.

    24. Grocery list and meal-planning notepads so you can write down exactly what you're out of and what you need to buy for next week's meals.

    25. A set of reusable beeswax food-storage wraps for an environmentally-friendly (and super-cute) way to preserve your food.

    26. A collapsible bread box to keep your weekly loaf (or other baked goods) perfectly soft and edible for more than just a couple days.

    27. A personal blender so you can put all that overripe produce to good use in a nutrient-packed smoothie!

    28. A pair of storage bag holders to keep both of your hands free for pouring, reducing the likelihood of spillage and waste.

    29. An adorable mini slow cooker perfect for turning overripe fruit into jams or sauces — or making no-hassle stews or soups with leftover ingredients like chicken or mashed potatoes.

    30. A three-piece airtight storage container set to house your pet's kibble and treats, because they deserve fresh food too!

    31. A dry-food dispenser that'll not only keep your cereal (or oatmeal/granola/rice/snacks) fresh as can be, but also look chic on your countertop — and make it easy for kids to serve themselves.

    32. A vacuum-sealed coffee container so your beans or grounds stay fresh as heck and your daily cup o' joe is always bursting with flavor.

    33. A book of clever kitchen hacks that'll give you ideas on how to save both time and money in the kitchen, including chapters on proper food storage, reheating methods, saving a meal you accidentally screwed up, and making the right portions for just one person.

    34. And a meal kit, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, perfect for those weeks you know you'll be traveling or won't be home every night to cook — all the ingredients for your meals will be delivered right to your door, so it's totally waste-free (and cheaper than takeout)!

    You, not wasting an ounce of food from here on out: