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    If You Bring Your Lunch To Work, You Need This $20 Storage Container Set

    Rubbermaid's 42-piece food-storage container set just might be the best $20 you spend all year.

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    Life is expensive! There's not much we can do to change that. But we can make an effort to meal-prep, bring our lunch to work, and store leftovers to save some extra dough wherever we can.

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    Seriously, buying lunch every day can really add up! Check out some of BuzzFeed's meal-prep guides here and here for some inspo.

    Whether you're new to the meal-prepping game or you could simply use an upgrade to the old, stained plastic containers you've been using since the beginning of time, if you listen closely, you can hear this $20 Rubbermaid set calling your name.

    "Buy me, you won't regret it!" —these containers, beckoning you from the shadows (but in a cute and totally not creepy way).

    This 42-piece set (21 containers with lids) is a customer favorite, with a 4.5-star average and over 9,300 positive reviews. Because honestly: Who doesn't love some quality AF food storage containers?!

    "We had these food storage containers before and really got a lot of use from them. They lasted us a long, long time. But, little by little, as the two grown children and their families visited, we would send them home with leftovers and our containers went with them! The two school-age kids still at home also used them a lot. These containers are so sturdy and we love the interlocking lids. It makes it very convenient for me to take my lunch to work.

    All the containers and lids store easily in our cabinet at home, and we started using this new batch of containers immediately after opening the box when it arrived at our door. Excellent product. We will continue using these for most of our storage needs. They work well in the refrigerator also. I've read all of the reviews and we have never experienced a soapy taste, they come out of our microwave, dishwasher, freezer and fridge perfectly. We have never experienced warping or melting at all. I use the smallest-sized containers for cashews, snacks, etc., at the workplace for easy snacking. We definitely use these constantly." —J.T.

    The set is BPA-free, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and the base is microwave-safe. The lids snap on tightly to keep your food fresh as heck, and one lid conveniently fits multiple bases.

    "I love these even more after my (brilliant engineer) husband finally realized that the lids could attach to the containers for storage. Contrary to the opinion of others, I like the smallest size containers. You use it to pack salad dressing or in the junk drawer for tacks, nails, etc.

    These are nice for leftovers and taking food to parties. They stack well and don't leak. If the party is informal, keep the food in the dish and attach the lid to the bottom so it doesn't get lost. If more formal, transport the food in this contained and use container to take leftovers back. These are inexpensive enough so you don't have to worry too much about them being returned when you bring food to someone.

    I have used them in the freezer for homemade ice cream and homemade spaghetti sauce with no problem. The containers did not stain and no odors lingered. But they can stand up to heat. I have used them to hold grease I have skimmed off of hot gravy, etc., allowed it to cool and solidify and then threw away the goopy mess." —Lady Lawyer

    Plus, they nest when empty and are stackable in the fridge when in use, making storage easy as pie (pie that you'd have no trouble storing in one of these containers, in fact).,

    "Froze, defrosted, added hot soup, reheated in microwave... these are built to last! Great purchase!I used one of these containers to do a 30-day freezer meal prep and added my ingredients for chicken soup to it. I added all the liquids and ingredients to it, put it through the freezer, defrosted it in the fridge, put steaming hot soup into it, and also reheated the leftovers in the container via the microwave. These have lasted through every test so far, without warping or misshaping, which my other containers have done in the past. I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase. As an added note, make sure you have a decent amount of room to store these, as it is a 42-piece set (containing 21 bases and 21 lids — all of decent size)." —Life With Kait Blog

    Tons of reviewers attest to their durability and long lifespan — they even make for a practical housewarming gift! (Or a gift to a loved one whose old mismatched plastic container set you simply can't bear looking at anymore.)

    "My favorite storage containers. I absolutely love these. They seal tight and stack well. Unlike some other containers, you can fill the containers to their full capacity and the lids are easy to get on and off. It's easier to keep the refrigerator organized and it always looks nice with matching containers. The variety of sizes in this set are perfect for us. Even the smallest ones hold more than you think. I was given a set years ago along with some large ones as a gift and I've been dependent on them since. They're very durable especially if you use cooking spray before storing tomato based foods to avoid staining. The main reason I shop for replacements is that friends and family have a way of taking them home and never returning them. On that note they also make great gifts." —Amazon Addict

    "Some years ago, I bought a near-identical set (the lids were black) and have been VERY happy with them. The various sizes are perfect, their stacking for storage, and that they 'lock' to each other is convenient in the fridge. When my mom needed some containers ('Enough with the mix-and-match that don't actually match, Mom!'), I was looking on Amazon and saw this set. I didn't even realize it was 'my' set at first, but I liked all the features. Then I realized why I like it so much — I own it!

    Mom is doing well with this set. All the old stuff is gone and these take up less room on the shelf. The containers are hard plastic, not flimsy. The lids are SOLID, not going to tear. I don't microwave in them too often, but they're great in the fridge and freezer. My set? I've had them for literally over five years of pretty constant use and they look new." —dory

    Get a 42-piece set for $19.99 or a 60-piece set for $24.99 from Amazon.

    You, getting ready to meal-prep the day away or store leftovers with your new container set:

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    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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