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    23 Gifts For Your Tiny Dog

    Happy howlidays, lil' pups.

    1. Musher's Secret, so they can play all winter long in the snow while their cute lil' paws are protected from salt and ice — and it also protects them against hot pavement or sand.

    2. An Insta-worthy (and affordable!) shark bed for your smol pupper that everyone who visits won't be able to stop talking about. I mean:

    3. A squeaking hide-a-squirrel toy for the insatiable squirrel-chaser to safely get their fix indoors.

    4. A handheld massager, because name one dog who doesn't deserve regular massages?

    5. A Squishface paste for cleaning wrinkles and tear stains to minimize itching and irritation for breeds like pugs and Frenchies. This antibacterial and anti-fungal formula will give 'em the gift of comfort this holiday season.

    6. A paw-fect blanket to cozy up to that they can call their own.

    7. A hip wool sweater for the trendsetting pupper who loves pattern play.

    8. Pet steps so you can give your tiny-legged pup the gift of climbing up to the couch, bed, or window sill with ease.

    9. Some smol treats in fun seasonal flavors like gingerbread and snickerdoodle that any diminutive doggo would be be thrilled to find in their stocking.

    10. An elegant tweed dress that'll have the pup-arazzi turning their heads.

    11. A booster seat for the car so you and your pup can head out on the open road comfortably and safely. (I mean...just look at how happy these lil' woofers are!)

    12. A cute, comfy, and Instagram-ready front-facing bag to tote your pup around so you can give them the gift of adventures!

    13. A Santa hat, because is it even the holidays if your dog isn't donning a festive hat?

    14. A pair of doggie leg warmers so their teeny-weeny legs can stay nice and toasty all winter long (and so they can channel their inner '80s aerobics instructor).

    15. An original Snuggle Puppy toy that makes soothing sounds to quell your pup's anxiety and loneliness in the cutest freakin' way, omg.

    16. Some wee lil' Nylabone chews so they can satisfy their chew fix without destroying your home.

    17. A soft and comfy harness that's expandable — perfect for a new puppy.

    18. A canvas backpack so your pup can tote all the essentials — a much more adorable alternative to bringing your own bag on their walks.

    19. Some Greenies dental chews that are so delicious, your pup won't even know they're designed to keep their chompers healthy and their breath fresh!

    20. A stylish memory-foam dog bed with a machine-washable faux-fur topper so they can lounge in luxury.

    21. A chic-as-heck pet carrier that'll have your woofer feeling like royalty.

    22. A "Dear Santa, Define Good" festive tee for the pup who's not sure if they're on the naughty list this year. (But even if they are, they're still getting tons of presents.)

    23. And an easy-on-the-eyes collapsible dog crate that's a cinch to travel with, so your pupper can join you on adventures with minimal hassle.

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