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    This Squirrel-Hiding Toy Is A Favorite Of Thousands Of Dogs

    Give your dog the gift of endless entertainment! (Don't have one? That's fine, just keep on scrolling for cute pics of pups.)

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    You love your dog and would do anything to make them happy, right?

    Grand Army Entertainment

    (If the answer is no, you're legally required to report yourself to local authorities.)

    Well, friends, I'm just gonna cut to the chase: This hide-a-squirrel dog toy might be the best investment you ever make for your furry, slobbery BFF.

    The plush toy features a log with three to six squeaky squirrels β€” so you can stuff 'em all inside and leave your dog to sniff out and "hunt" the squirrels. It's a great way to challenge their problem-solving skills and help stave off boredom, plus you can of course use the squirrels on their own to play fetch with your dog. And it's just so stinkin' cute!!!

    Seriously, pups LOVE this thing! It has 8,500 positive reviews β€” which means a lot of people took the time out to review a friggin' dog toy, guys. Eighty-five hundred! (That's, like, basically all the people in the city of Gering, Nebraska. An entire city filled with dogs playing with this toy!! 😍),

    "Never in my dog's life has there been a toy she has enjoyed as much as this! She will play with it by herself for at least 10 minutes (this is record-breaking)! I love to watch her bury her whole snout into the tree stump and pull out the squirrels :) This was absolutely worth every penny!" β€”KDS

    And it's available in four different sizes so you can find the one that best fits your pupper's needs.

    "Purchased for a 10 lb pup who loves toys and it was a hit. She was into it immediately and eventually carried it in the other room so she could play without us bothering her. We've had it for months and she still likes it. She carries the squirrels around with her (very cute). All the pieces have held together really well and all the squeakers still work." β€”Kylie

    And if squirrels aren't your dog's thing (in which case you should probably double-check that they're an actual dog), the toy also comes in hedgehog, bee, and bird varieties!

    Let's take a look at more dogs who give this thing two paws up, because the world is terrible but scrolling through pictures of pups playing with toys is a form of self-care.,

    "My Aussie puppy LOVES this toy. When he was only a few months old I got him the large size and it would take him a while to get all of the squirrels out. I actually had to start putting treats at the bottom so that he wouldn't give up. Now he's 6 months so I got him the ginormous one thinking that it would be a little bit more of a challenge, but he gets all of the squirrels out in just a few minutes minutes then starts chewing through them. Like any plush toy, I definitely wouldn't recommend this for unsupervised chewing because if your puppy's like mine, it'll have all six squirrels unstuffed in under an hour. But it's really fun to toss the squirrels around and watch him run around with the trunk on his nose. His last batch of squirrels lasted him about four months, but now that he has all of his teeth I don't expect them to last as long. He loves them SO much though. It's definitely worth it if you're willing to replace the squirrels from time to time." β€”IJ

    "Our pup loves this toy! His snout is a little too big to fit in the side holes in the log but he shakes it to get the squirrels out and it keeps his attention. Comes with six super-cute squeaky squirrels and the log, which he loves to chew on its own. Overall great toy and size for our Bernese mountain dog!" β€”Kyle Dixon

    Two-in-one toy and pillow? Check.,

    "I thought this was a cute toy β€” no higher expectations β€” when I bought it as a Christmas gift for our granddog. It turned out that she absolutely loved it and it became a favorite toy. She loves to have it stuffed with the squirrels so she can pull them out and it keeps her busy! So far, she has not caused any major damage to it β€” some of the ears have been chewed β€” and it is held up amazingly well for such a complicated toy. Granddog liked it so much that I bought one for our two dogs. They also loved it and it has held up, although our big hound did a little chewing between the holes. Our pit bull/golden retriever mix is not as much of a chewer. He loves to pull out the squirrels and also finds the plush surface a comfortable pillow β€” he likes to sleep on it." β€”Christine Whittington

    "My dog loves this tree. He shakes it until the squirrels come out and also uses it as a pillow sometimes. Very cute and entertaining for him!" β€”wenjem

    Fan favorite of big-snouted dogs? Check.,,

    "This toy is the bee's knees. My 80-pound Airedale has a huge schnoz and looooves rooting out things with his nose. He also LOVES squeaky toys. Probably more than he loves me. I ordered the ginormous and it's a great size for him. There's tons of room for his other squeaky toys in addition to all of the squirrels it came with β€” and when he gets them all out it's roomy enough for him to just stick his snout in there and huff the sweet satisfaction of a doggo job well done. It's really well made and just a great idea to keep him entertained and happy. He gets bored easily and giving him a task like this is wonderful while I'm working." β€”TIffany

    "We have purchased this product twice in both large and mega. My dog LOVES the squirrels. She has ripped off tails and ears and even pulled all the stuffing out of a few of them, but she will still carry them around the house or yard and squeak them to her heart’s content. The actual tree trunk does not hold up to any doggie abuse. She has ripped that thing apart within minutes of each purchase. The squirrels alone are well worth the money though. Also, be aware that the squirrels are not the same size when you purchase different size sets. The more squirrels in the package, the smaller the squirrel. It’s not a huge deal, but I actually prefer the bigger size for our husky, so next time we order we will stick with the large size." β€”book lover

    Perfect to entertain precious baby angel puppies of all ages? One giant adorable check!!! 😭😭😭,

    "This is Bagel, the beagle, playing with one of the squirrels... she loves it so much! She is 14 weeks old and as a puppy she loves chewing on anything and sniffing around. I bought her several puppy-chewable toys, but she lost interest in them very quickly. So I decided to try this interactive toy that she can literally put her nose in it! It's impressive how much she likes playing with it β€” from morning to night! It seems to be always fun. Sometimes I insert small treats and mix them up with the squirrels. She gets soooo into it...amazing! I would buy it again for sure! :)" β€”P. Andrada

    "I have to say, this is THE BEST dog toy EVER!!!! My dog is a 7 lb morkie, he's almost 5 months old, and teething like crazy! He's chewing on and playing with everything and this toy keeps him occupied for hours. He takes the squirrels out & I put them back in. He walks around the house with them, he absolutely loves them!! He practically fits inside the log when trying to get them and it's really cute too." β€”Segal

    Note: If you've got a power chewer, you might want to stick to a more indestructible toy, like a Kong or Nylabone....

    ...but there is a chance this toy could be the one to change your pup's destructive ways once and for all! So my vote is to give it a shot (under supervision, of course).,

    "Our 65-lb bully loves these hide-and-seek toys. We have even caught him trying to reload the squirrels himself so he could start the game over. Before buying these, he was a destructive chewer, no matter how much stimulation we gave him. These changed him. He has the large and the XL, and every single squirrel is still intact, even after more than a year of these toy types being in our house. Their squeakers were dead in the first few minutes, but he still loves them. The logs have cardboard sewn into their bottoms, my dog didn't like that and he poked a small hole in each that he used to rip the cardboard out but once he had it out he was happy and has not destroyed the logs. Best toy we've ever bought, so glad we gave it a try! (Pictures shown are with the XL size log)." β€”Sammy Vegan


    "We have a boxer mix pup that is wild and stubborn. I have bought her countless toys, bones, etc. She never really holds interest in any. Enter the squirrel log. I won't say she fell in love and plays for hours or anything extreme but she plays with it for a few mins here and there and goes back to it frequently. She generally destroys everything but instead nuzzles and loves on these little squirrels. I find them all over the house. We put them back in the log and she immediately gets them out and carries them around again. This dog is generally unimpressed by all dog toys but actually plays with this one so this pup mama is impressed. For size reference we ordered the XL. The pup is currently 6 months, 35 lbs, roughly knee height. It is a good size for her." β€”Jen

    Basically? For the love of all that is good and pure in this world, please, please get your dog this toy.,

    "Lovely puzzle toy for my toy poodle puppy. She's 12 weeks old and very petite. She carries the whole toy around and chews the individual squirrels to make them squeak. I hide them back in their tree and she ferrets them out again. My boyfriend's cocker spaniel gets jealous and swipes a squirrel and my tiny Coco chases him down and reclaims it. I've also hidden treats in the tree trunk and she dives right in." β€”Cynthia

    Ok, just one more picture.

    JK, two more! Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four sizes) and make your pupper the happiest dog on the block.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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