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    29 Things To Help You Budget (Even If You're Terrible At Saving Money)

    But we're still getting avocado toast.

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    1. A monthly bill planner that'll help you manage all your scary expenses, instead of avoiding the thought of them and accidentally forgetting about them entirely (a no-no). It helps break everything down (including a debt payment log, daily and weekly expense tracker, and budget worksheet) to make finances feel more maneagble. Phew.

    2. A bottle-emptying kit, because now you'll get EVERY 👏 LAST 👏 DROP 👏 of your favorite salad dressing, shampoo, hand lotion, whatever — and prolong having to buy more at the store. Now these weekly expenses will become monthly.

    3. And! A mini scraping tool so if you INSIST on only buying high-end makeup, you'll at least use all of it — not just until you can't pour any out. Think of this as a way to meet yourself in the middle — you're still buying your favorite foundation, but saving trips (and overtime $$$) to Sephora.

    4. A pour-over kettle and coffee dripper for putting an end to wasting $5 on coffee every morning (our biggest weakness!!! *shakes fist*). These'll make individual cups so you don't waste coffee grinds *and* will save you money in the long run (all while tasting incredible rich).

    5. Or! A cold brew maker that'll nix overspending on our precious iced coffee every morning (you better BELIEVEEE all year). It tastes the same, has the same amount of caffeine (priorities), and gives you spending money for things like...refilling your laundry card 😐.

    6. A wrinkle-release spray to cut back on dry cleaning bills ($60 for my blouse? Do you see a rainbow over me?), while still maintaining a *crisp* appearance at work.

    7. A mini file organizer, because this'll easily help you keep and REMEMBER your receipts instead of crumpling them at the bottom of your bag. Not only will this help you track expenses (especially those that'll get you *cough cough* tax returns), but make purchases more memorable so you stop thoughtlessly swiping that card.

    8. A habit-tracking calendar so you can be better about your spending by making both short-term and long-term goals. This'll actually help you watch your progress so things like "pay more than my minimum credit card bill" seem attainable.

    9. An order from Fresh Direct (an online grocery store) so you're more encouraged to food shop, instead of getting takeout AGAIN — so expensive over time. There are even freshly prepared meals for one if you just KNOW you are never going to cook. If you can order takeout, you can order groceries.

    10. A four-way cleaning brush for making worn-out shoes look brand-new again, instead of buying new boots every flipping fall. You said these were THE ONE last year — it's time to put an end to limitless shopping (sad, I know). But now you'll be excited to wear them again!

    11. A portable personal blender that'll stop you from blowing $7+ every afternoon (you know it's adding up) on overpriced smoothies. Except this'll be BETTER, because you can custom-make your smoothies now *and* save money in the long run.

    12. A duo of Rubbermaid produce-saving containers, because these'll extend the life of your groceries (particularly helpful if you're shopping for one). Your veggies can last up to TWO WEEKS in these bbs, which'll help cut down on how much you need to buy each week.

    13. A pack of Shout dye-trapping sheets so you can throw your colored *and* white laundry in the wash together, thanks to how these lock up loose dyes found in the water. Doing all your laundry at once = no longer wasting precious cash on fluff and fold services.

    14. A bottle of Fanola purple shampoo for brightening your hair and reducing brassiness in just one to three minutes. Translation: you get to maintain platinum blonde tresses so you can put off going to the pricey salon much longer than usual (aka where half your paychecks keep going).

    15. An envelope budget system to 👏 control 👏 that 👏 spending by planning out how much cash you think you'll need that week — and then sticking to it! You'll be so much more aware of how much you're spending money when it's in cold hard cash.

    16. A rapid egg cooker that'll quickly become your new favorite cheap and easy snack. It can cook up to six hard boiled eggs, which'll tide you over at work and keep you away from the vending machine ($2.75 every day...sadly adds up).

    17. A window-insulation kit, because your heating bill is probably pretty darn HIGH the minute temps drop. This'll make sure you don't have to turn the heat up so much (especially if you have a drafty house), and increase energy efficiency. Maybe now bills won't be *so* terrifying.

    18. A meal-planning pad to get SERIOUS about grocery shopping and put an END to ordering takeout every night — what are we, Rockefellers? Spending $15 on fried rice that was delivered from next door?! Luckily, this will be placed right on your fridge so you can never avoid it.

    19. A pack of Neuro energy gum so you can get your midday caffeine fix *without* a daily $5 coffee run. Plus! Its formula of green tea caffeine, vitamin B6 (for your mood), and vitamin B12 (for your energy) work together to get you energized, minus the usual jitters or crashing. Win, win.

    20. A bottle of Acure brightening facial scrub for brightening your complexion from face wash *alone*, meaning you can stop buying so much $$$ skincare. Consider this your new go-to to exfoliate away excess oil and treat breakouts — all while bringing out a clear, glowing complexion from underneath. One cheap product > expensive regimens.

    21. A popular app called Mint that'll make (gulp) money management actually accessible, and not confusing. It'll break down your spending, bills, savings, and credit card charges and present them in a way that makes sense. AND it shows how much you're saving so you feel motivated, not disheartened!

    22. A stackable bento box, because this'll encourage you to actually meal prep (and perhaps even get creative with your lunches). It turns out saving money is easier when you don't buy three meals a day — who knew??

    23. A powder mani starter kit so you can drastically reduce the amount you spend on manicures (especially if you get regular or even gel). This'll last three to six weeks every time you use it, look professional, take 15 minutes to soak off (with water!), and won't make your nails as weak as gel.

    24. How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any, a helpful guide on learning how to budget and save money, even when you're just making ends meet. Reviewers like it because it's not about "getting rich" — it's honest, from the author's experience, and actually insightful on making the most with what you have.

    25. An expanding accordion folder for being a responsible ~adult~ and organizing your tax paperwork. Besides knowing where everything is come tax season, being organized and on top of things could lead to one very good outcome: a bigger tax return, which will go straight into those SAVINGS.

    26. A "rainy day fund" box that'll encourage you to save even spare change and old dollars bills. They may be small, but they add up! And now you'll have some extra ~pocket change~ justtttt in case (always a good idea).

    27. A yoga mat and exercise cards, because it's high time you quit the gym you pay for every month and yet NEVER GO TO. If you truly never workout at your gym, it is simply a waste of money. Do some cardio at home instead — maybe these will even motivate you!

    28. An on-the-go snack container so you can bring ~full~filling yogurt parfaits to work, instead of wasting money every day at the boring vending machine. It's spill- and leak-proof, and has two separate compartments to keep food fresh and dry!

    29. A multi-purpose cleaning solution for treating just about everything under the sun: rust, burnt pans, stained tubs, worn-down sinks, even Sharpie marks (!!!). Translation: you can get everything to look like new, instead of replacing things the minute they look worn-down.

    Because this is how it usually feels when we get our paycheck:

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