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    30 Things That'll Help Make Life Way Less Tedious

    Adulting doesn't have to be so bad.

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    1. A Jeopardy! 2020 calendar to start the day with a fun challenge before tackling your inbox. Each day features a new question and ~winnings~, so you can keep track of your score — Alex would be proud.

    2. A Ring Fit Adventure game that'll help you shake up your workout routine if it's starting to feel mundane. Exploring a new fantasy world + defeating enemies (through exercise!) > pretending to want to plank.

    3. A Revlon hot air brush for streamlining your hair routine ~in half~, while still delivering sleek, frizz-free 'dos. Its flexible tangle-free bristles smooth and style your hair as you brush, while negative ions condition and reduce static as you dry. Say a final farewell to tired wrists and annoying morning routines.

    4. A rotating timer so you can break up your work day if you have trouble focusing for long periods of time (especially if you find the tasks at hand booooring). You can use this as part of the Pomodoro Technique — work for 25+ minutes, followed by a five minute break.

    5. A mini waffle maker, because this'll help making breakfast become not only faster but also something to look forward to. And! Like your mom always says, a full belly in the morning makes you feel energized the rest of the day, aka work won't feel so slow.

    6. A very entertaining activity book to deal with stressors head-on so they don't seem to last forever (and ever). Adulting won't feel so tedious after you color a soothing grandma, or create your own underground bunker.

    7. An adjustable standing desk that'll get you on your feet and clear your head after sitting for way too long. It's easy to zone out when on your bum all day — this'll shake things up (and maybe even motivate some *creativity*). I come.

    8. A clothes folding board for making sure you can get laundry duty OVER WITH so much faster than usual. Your tops will be stored away and you'll be back to your show in no time.

    A step-by-step image on how to use the perforated folder

    9. A migraine roll-on stick so you can naturally relieve migraines and tension headaches the minute they start to disrupt your workday, thanks to peppermint, spearmint, and lavender therapeutic grade oils. Now going through those emails won't feel like it's taking 100 years.

    10. A pair of leaf scoops, because these'll make sure you can conquer your entire lawn before it's even time for your back to start aching.

    11. A wrinkle-release spray to finally accept you are just never going to iron — it's too long a process. Good thing you can just spritz this and be on your way to work looking nice and neat, without anyone being the wiser.

    12. A sloth to-do pad that'll add some cheer to your day-to-day (but still manage to accomplish all your tasks). These sloths won't judge how long it takes to get some things finished, but they're not leaving until you check everything off.

    13. A snow broom for making scraping snow and ice off your windshield faster and more efficiently than your usual process — which is cursing your luck first thing in the morning. NO LONGER.

    14. A garlic twist crusher so you can make your meals extra flavorful *without* having to chop by hand (which takes much longer) and risk smelly fingers all darn week.

    15. An address and password log book, because you and I know the computer forgot your password, but that won't help now. And we can't prove we're not a robot. What was our mother's maiden name again?! That's is so stressful; let this do all the remembering.

    16. An Instant Pot to streamline cooking, aka what's probably stopping you from breaking up with daily takeout. You just need to muster the energy to toss everything into the pot, set the timer, and leave. It'll do all the hard work and maybe even inspire you to try exciting new recipes.

    17. A Finish booster powder that'll let you toss hard-to-clean dishes right in the dishwasher and restore dishes with hard water stains or just glasses you've been *getting around* to. One session with this, and they're back to brand spanking new. No painful scrubbing sessions needed.

    18. A screaming goat figurine for a way to release your anguish whenever you can't bring yourself to read one. more. email. I mean there's only so much one can endure.

    19. A makeup-erasing towel so washing your face before bed won't feel like an impossible chore anymore — mainly because you won't really have to. All you do is add some water and it takes off even a full face of heavy makeup, dirt, and oil in minutes. You can do this from your bed for all I care!

    20. An egg separator, because this'll make egg white omelettes actually feel achievable (who besides a Michelin chef can simply separate egg yolks by hand?!). No more wasting three eggs before you finally get it right.

    21. A set of Miracle-Gro spikes to become a proud plant parent without the risk of accidentally...failing your new bbs. These'll feed your houseplants for up to ~two months~ with micronutrients so having thriving greenery doesn't involve trial-and-error.

    22. A pair of microfiber duster slippers that'll help you accept that sometimes the only cleaning we want to get done is when walking to the kitchen. Now you can count that pan of brownies as a ~reward~ for cleaning...😉.

    23. A fruit-infuser water bottle for realizing staying hydrated (eight glasses a day, people!) is only feasible when it tastes like cherries. Does this make us children? Who cares.

    24. A sock organizer so you don't have to spend what feels like an eternity pairing your socks — you have better things to do!

    25. A paw-cleaning device, because this'll clean Mr. Floof's dirty paws in an easier way than wrestling with him until he runs away...leaving tracks everywhere. He means well 🙁.

    26. An exercise ball to improve your posture and strengthen your core all while sitting down at the office. Reviewers say this helps to increase their productivity since it makes sitting at a desk a little less mundane!

    27. A budget workbook that'll help you manage your personal finances in a way that doesn't feel totally confusing and stressful. This'll help you set your financial goals for the year, track monthly and annual spending, plan budgets, and identify spending habits. Now you won't feel like you have to avoid the process entirely.

    28. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes for conquering scary messes wherever they happened: even on your carpet. It turns out you *don't* need 17 different cleaning products and an hour to clean stains.

    29. A pet hair–removal glove so you don't have to constantly *try* to remove fur off every single surface in your home. Now you can protect your home from furry takeovers with just a few swipes of your hand. This + a normal belly rub = an effortlessly clean space.

    30. A pack of interdental cleaners to crack the code for everyone who hates flossing — so the entire world. Their wire tips bend for easy access, while the brush heads remove food and plaque without the need for tricky maneuvering.

    Your responsibilities watching you actually handle life like...

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