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    31 Frequently Overlooked Products That Are Actually Super Useful

    These definitely deserve more credit.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of drip trays for catching excess laundry detergent or fabric softener before it gets all over your carpet. Chances are you've seen this at SEVERAL friends' houses without realizing how darn useful they are.

    2. A draft-blocker, because you may forget that this is even on your door, but it'll effectively prevent noises from drifting in your room through underneath the door — its soundproof, three-layer design will stop any unwanted ~roommate disturbances~ from entering your room.

    3. A set of bed sheet holders that'll discreetly work from underneath your mattress to hold your fitted sheets in 👏 place 👏, even if you toss and turn. How many perfectly-made beds have you seen that secretly had these? Almost all.

    4. A key-hiding rock so you can rely on something that is LITERALLY overlooked by everyone but you. No more awkwardly waiting outside your house until your roommate finally comes home.

    5. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers to keep your closet smelling nice and fresh, despite your old sneakers that have...seen better days. Good thing these'll do their work in secrecy so guests are never the wiser.

    6. An under-the-sink mat for protecting your cabinets from leaks and spills so you never have to clean up unpleasant, sticky messes. Will you ever think about this? No. Is it saving you from potential disasters? Yep.

    7. A set of Drop Stop gap fillers, because these'll work under the radar to catch pesky crumbs (or loose change!) from getting all over your carpet. Out of sight out of mind...until you see they caught you a quarter for your laundry.

    8. A waterproof mattress cover protector that'll protect your bed from spills or accidents. It's super breathable and quiet so you won't even remember it's there — until you drop your water bottle and thank it for its service.

    9. A set of stick-on bumper pads so you can muffle e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, from slamming microwaves, toilet lids, glasses, cabinets, you name it. America's top secret is that every quiet home actually has these.

    10. A mini car essential oil diffuser to keep your car freshly scented no how many fries get buried under your seat. Your friends will never catch on to why your car always smells so darn good — feel free to keep your secrets.

    11. An outlet cover for protecting your curious little one (it's child-resistant so they can't take it off), while still being able to use cords as usual. Plus, it blends in with the wall as well as outlets alone, so guests will never notice how extensively you've baby-proofed your entire home.

    12. A pack of moldable glue, because this'll stealthily bond your frayed phone or laptop charger so you don't have to waste money on a new one. It's a thankless job, really, to ~keep it together~ when no one notices you. But it's happy to do it.

    13. A set of bra extenders that *also* work as a handy, super discreet way to make bodysuits more comfortable if they're constantly giving you wedgies. You'll get a pack of three, so you can create more breathing room in BOTH your tops and bras — and they'll perfectly blend in, so your clothes look the same.

    14. A large car cup holder so you can safely keep your Hydro Flask, thermos, or other bigger bottles on-hand while driving. To the rest of the world, you still have a regular-looking console. But to you, this just became your most prized possession.

    15. A pack of toilet cleaning gel to maintain a clean toilet with minimal effort. This'll subtly live on the side of the bowl and quickly become your *number two*. Meaning: it cleans every time you flush — you're free from any dreaded tasks.

    16. A shoe organizer for keeping anything from boots to unused sweaters tucked under the bed and out of sight. Its work may go largely unnoticed, but at least it has the Boogeyman for company. Kidding. Maybe.

    17. A shower filter, because this'll help treat chlorinated or hard water to improve dry, itchy scalps, dandruff, and irritated skin — you know, so you actually feel clean. How many showers have you taken at friends' houses not knowing what a difference this was making? TOO. MANY.

    18. A pair of no-tie elastic shoelaces that'll look *exactly* like your regular laces, but make wearing your winter boots all season a lot less tedious — reviewers with arthritis also swear by these for making putting on shoes an easier task!

    19. A set of rustproof shower curtain rings so you can open and close your shower curtain without snagging or friction — these are about to become your favorite thing in your bathroom, even if they're the least noticeable to everyone else.

    20. An adhesive LED strip to put ~behind~ your TV and reduce the screen's glare, create sharper images, and increase color contrast — talk about working behind the scenes.

    21. A set of non-stick oven liners for catching any *remnants* from your last baking attempt so you don't have to scrub burnt pie filling off your oven (15 years later). You'll only remember these are here whenever your lasagna tries to betray you.

    22. A set of LED stickers, because these'll be just as unnoticeable as now any annoying electronics at night. Now you'll be able to enjoy actual darkness — *especially* helpful if the very thing keeping you awake is your alarm clock. Curse it.

    23. A suction cup toilet paper holder that'll probably be the most unremarkable thing in your bathroom *but* allow you to keep your TP on the wall without risking your security deposit — all while saving valuable space if you're in a small apartment!

    24. A set of anti-vibration pads so you can finally stop your laundry machines from making SO. MUCH. NOISE. whenever you use them. To the rest of the world, your dryer looks exactly the same. But to you, it's drastically new and improved.

    25. A soft, cooling mattress topper to inexpensively improve your old mattress and make it feel like ☁️cloud nine ☁️. When people ask if you just have an incredibly nice mattress, smile and nod.

    26. A set of Miracle-Gro spikes for *looking* like an incredibly successful plant parent, when really these are low-key doing all the work. They're small and discreet, but can feed your houseplants for up to ~two months~ with micronutrients so having thriving greenery doesn't involve trial-and-error.

    27. A cable and cord box, because this'll sneakily hide unsightly tangled messes with minimal effort. When guests tell you how clean you are, you can totally fail to bring this up. They'll never even notice.

    28. A Levoit air purifier that'll sit quietly in the corner and capture allergens, pet hair, dander, mold, and even odor (goodbye, litter box stink) so your home finally feels CLEAN all the time. Its three-in-one filtration system effectively improves your indoor air quality — making this the hardest-working thing in your home to never get noticed.

    29. A set of smart plugs so you can save energy and turn devices on and off from wherever (like your slow cooker, decorative lights, fan, wax burners, etc.) straight from your phone. If these didn't look exactly like regular outlets, people would notice them and give them the credit they DESERVE.

    30. A silicone sink strainer to catch scraps before they fall down the drain if you don't have a garbage disposal. People may never give this a second glance, but you'll forever know it as the thing that never makes you dig for soggy eggs.

    31. A set of silicone stove counter gap covers, because these'll blend right in with your stove, but will let you bake cookies to your heart's content without worrying about crumbs falling through the cracks and attracting ants.

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