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    31 Face Masks That Might Make You Laugh

    Welcome to 2020, where your face mask also doubles as a Jack Skellington Halloween costume.

    Hey there! By now you've seen the CDC's guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public (and know whether or not they're mandatory in your area).

    Two cartoon people wearing masks

    1. An "Ew, David" face mask for any Schitt's Creek fan whose social distancing vibe is ~a little bit Alexis~.

    A black face mask that says "ew, david" in white

    2. A Halloweentown, Class of '98 face mask perfect for those of us still waiting (impatiently!!) for an elderly relative to reveal we inherited the witch gene.

    purple mask with "halloweentown class of '98" written in orange

    3. A Fauci face mask, so he can help protect you both from afar *and* about as close as it gets.

    neon prints of dr. fauci on a face mask

    4. An "I Woke Up Like This" face mask for anyone who's still managing to twirl on their haters, even from 6 feet away.

    A black mask with pink caps lock words "I woke up like this" in the middle

    5. A "This Is Fine" face mask referencing the only meme that has leaked its way into the cultural lexicon of every generation currently inhabiting Earth.

    6. A Drake-themed face mask for anyone who's ~in their feelings~ from a safe 6-foot distance away.

    A black face mask that says "if you're reading this you're too close" in white

    7. An Animal Crossing face mask featuring Timmy and Tommy, the ultimate quaranteam.

    Timmy from Animal Crossing saying "Six Feet!" and Tommy going "... Feet!" on a face mask

    8. A Taylor Swift-inspired face mask that is truly a Big Quarantine Mood.

    A face mask that says "Not a lot going on at the moment"

    9. A Disney dessert face mask full of everyone's favorite flavor of treat: MICKEY-SHAPED.

    A blue face mask with Disney dessert cartoons on it

    10. Or a Smoko face mask that is, quite frankly, an ode to all things potato.

    A yellow face mask with cartoon potatoes and french fries

    11. A "censored" face mask if your love language is yelling "What the fork??" at everything.

    Two black masks, one that says CENSORED and another that says #?*! like a bleeped out swear word

    12. A Dunder Mifflin face mask so you can be all, "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Ga-mask-ia."

    A blue face mask with the Dunder Mifflin logo

    13. A statement face mask with a *truly* timeless proverb.

    A black face mask that says "though shall not try me, mood 24:7" with a graphic of someone in denim

    14. A Jack Skellington face mask that will be seasonally appropriate for the entire back half of 2020.

    A face mask that looks like the bottom half of jack skellington's face

    15. A Baby Yoda meme mask so everyone knows that, much like Baby Yoda sipping his soup, you are quietly judging them.

    Face mask picture of baby yoda sipping soup

    16. A corgi print mask, because truly, what situation does not call for beholding the cuteness of a wee corgi butt?

    A mask with cartoon corgis showing off their lil butts

    17. A Hocus Pocus face mask to double as your Halloween costume this year.

    Model in a face mask that makes the bottom half of their face look like Winifred from Hocus Pocus

    18. An unrepentantly Starbucks-themed face mask, because why just drink your Frappuccino when you can wear it, too?

    white face mask with watercolored starbucks drinks on it

    19. A Home Alone face mask for anyone who skipped all the way over fall and is already marathoning holiday movies.

    20. A burger face mask that might make your socially distanced friends a lil' hangry.

    Model in face mask that looks like a burger

    21. A Beetlejuice face mask — that is, if you yourself are ~strange and unusual~.

    Black mask that says Beetlejuice three tiems

    22. A Gilmore Girls face mask to make you take a profound look at your life and your overly-caffeinated choices. (Just kidding, can you imagine?)

    Red face mask with Luke's Diner logos on it

    23. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg pop art face mask so your mask can reign ~supreme~.

    neon pop art print face mask of ruth bader ginsburg

    24. A Darth Vader mask that'll either be your cleverest or laziest Halloween costume yet.

    Face mask with bottom half of Darth Vader's mask

    25. A cheeky Halloween horror-themed face mask, including one promising that you'll float, too *gulps* 🎈.

    26. A set of face masks based on Disney Park attractions (including the Haunted Mansion 👻) not necessarily so you'll laugh, but so all your "Seriously?? Another Disney mask?" friends can have one at your expense.

    Masks based on Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain symbols, Disney it's a small world, and the Enchanted Tiki Room

    27. A '90s print face mask for anyone who's physically in 2020, but emotionally chugging Hawaiian Punch out of a disposable cup at a birthday party in 1997.

    A "jazz pattern" face mask in purple and blue to mimic the popular disposable cups from the '90s

    28. A wine print face mask so when someone asks which you'd prefer to drink tonight, you can be all, "Maskato." (Sorry.)

    A beige mask with cartoon white, red, and rosé wines

    29. A face mask of cat butts as an homage to the cat who loves you deep down, but still likes you best when they're walking away.

    blue mask with cartoon cats showing their butts

    30. A rainbow White Claw face mask, because we all have *that friend* (and if you can't figure out who it is ... it's probably you).

    A model in a face mask with different White Claw cans on it

    31. A dog face mask for when things get ~ruff~ out there.

    Model in a dog mouth face mask

    Psst — a few little mask tips before you go!

    Three face masks hanging from Command hooks on the wall

    If you're looking for even *more* mask recommendations, though, I've also assembled a MASSIVE list of the best places to buy face masks online, including faves like Aerie, Old Navy, and Target, as well as a ton of cute Etsy shops ❤️.

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!

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