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    24 Places You Can Buy Face Masks In Solid Colors

    Including masks with filter pockets, comfy strap options, and clear panels so people can see your mouth.

    Hey there! By now you've probably seen the CDC's new guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public.

    Two cartoon people wearing masks

    1. Athleta has five-packs of lightweight face masks in a variety of colors.

    A model in athletic gear and a face mask

    2. Macy's is selling masks from Society of Threads in three-packs.

    A navy blue, medium blue, and white face mask

    3. Gillya Studio on Etsy has canvas face masks in various colors with pockets for filters.

    A model in a yellow canvas face mask

    4. On Guard Crafts on Etsy is selling masks in solids, including some that come with a headband to minimize ear ache.

    A model in a black face mask attached with to button on a headband

    5. Zazzle has plain white and black face masks, both of which you can customize.

    A model wearing a white face mask

    6. Crownned on Etsy has well-reviewed basic black face masks that ship quickly.

    A model in a black face mask

    7. Old Navy's variety of solid color face masks come in different color scales and prints.

    Masks in blue and green

    8. Hanuk Designs on Etsy has back and navy (and rainbow-speckled!) face masks with pockets for filters.

    A navy face mask

    9. Box Lunch's face masks come in both fun prints and solid colors, including a lot of pastels.

    A light pink face mask

    10. Face Masks MNM on Etsy has neon face masks that'll set the tone for your whole outfit.

    11. Pnut Fish on Etsy has gray and navy masks that come in a ton of adult and kid sizes.

    A gray face mask

    12. Randl By Design on Etsy has accessible masks with a clear window to benefit the deaf and hard of hearing and ASL interpreters.

    A model in a blue face mask with a transparent window for their mouth

    13. Cotton Purr on Etsy also has clear window masks in a variety of colors.

    A gray face mask with plastic window in it  that allows other people to see the wearer's mouth

    14. KayKastle on Etsy is selling bright-colored face masks with pocket filters.

    A model in a yellow face mask

    15. Wedding Rose on Etsy has pastel linen face masks with pockets for filters.

    16. Banana Republic has three-packs in varieties of solid colors to choose from.

    A model in a gray face mask

    17. Wooly + Co on Etsy has solid black face masks with adjustable ear straps for a snugger fit.

    A model wearing the mask

    18. Slow Made Creations on Etsy's stretchable jersey masks come in a variety of colors.

    Masks in gray, black, and pink

    19. Mascly on Etsy has a veritable rainbow of face masks with pocket filters to choose from.

    20. rag & bone is selling solid color masks in packs of three.

    Face masks in light, medium, and dark blue

    21. Hot Topic has face masks in solid colors and prints to choose from.

    A green face mask

    22. LookHuman's face masks include a ton of basic colors (in addition to quirky prints).

    A purple face mask

    23. Everlane's masks come in three packs of gray, dark gray, and black.

    A model in a black face mask with a "100% Human" logo on the upper left side

    24. Vistaprint's face mask collection includes solids and prints both for kids and adults.

    A green face mask

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!

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