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    The Best Places To Buy Face Masks Online

    Face masks in every size, print, and fit that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

    Hey there! By now you've seen the CDC's guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public (and know whether or not they're mandatory in your area).

    Two cartoon people wearing masks

    Here's a list of some of the best places to buy nonmedical, reusable face masks online right now, including the type of fit, fabric type, whether they have filter pockets, and expected shipping time:

    1. Old Navy is selling masks in five-packs in a variety of prints for children and adults.

    Four models in masks in a variety of prints

    2. Madewell is selling masks inspired by some of their prints in three-packs.

    A blue and white striped face mask

    3. Athleta has five-packs of lightweight face masks in a variety of colors.

    Model in tie dye face mask

    4. Target has masks for adults and children sold individually and in packs.

    A green and white checkered face mask

    5. Reebok has performance masks designed for indoor and outdoor exercising.

    6. Carter's has well-reviewed face masks for kids ages 2-14 in fun prints, available individually or in three packs.

    Masks in dinosaur, striped, and animal print designs

    7. Aerie's face masks come in solids and prints, and are sold individually and in packs.

    Five linen face masks in pastel colors

    8. Hanuk Designs on Etsy has rainbow-speckled face masks with pockets for filters.

    A model in a black rainbow-speckled face mask

    9. Nordstrom is selling face masks individually and in four-packs for kids and adults.

    Pink tie string face mask

    10. Forever 21 is selling face masks in fun modern prints in several sizes, both individually and in packs.

    Model in black velvet face mask

    11. Crafty Rose on Etsy has face masks in character prints, florals, and band-related prints.

    Model in black AC/DC mask

    12. Under Armour launched face masks designed to sit off of the face and lips so they won't interrupt your breathing.

    A gray mask with the under armour logo on the bottom side

    13. Walmart is selling face masks in five packs in solid colors, including pastels.

    A model in a lavender face mask

    14. Laurie Makes Masks handmakes face masks in custom sizes in *dozens* of themed fabrics, from pop culture icons to holidays to every hobby under the sun.

    Model in a gray face mask with white writing

    15. Macy's is selling masks from Society of Threads in three-packs.

    A navy blue, medium blue, and white face mask

    16. Crownned on Etsy has well-reviewed basic black face masks that ship quickly.

    A model in a black face mask

    17. Randl By Design on Etsy has accessible masks with a clear window to benefit the deaf and hard of hearing and ASL interpreters in both adult and child sizes.

    A model in a blue face mask with a transparent window for their mouth

    18. Cotton Purr on Etsy also has clear window masks in a variety of colors.

    A gray face mask with plastic window in it  that allows other people to see the wearer's mouth

    19. Free People has matching mask and scrunchie sets in several colors.

    light pink bandana matching face mask and scrunchie

    20. Bauble Bar is offering two-packs of face masks in a variety of prints, and is selling them at-cost.

    Model in black face mask with flower embroidery

    21. The Tie Bar is selling five-packs of face masks in a variety of colors.

    Assortment of face masks in grey, white, and black patterns

    22. Cotopaxi carries face masks in the brand's signature bright colors to put a lil' pep in your step.

    BuzzFeed editor in bright seafoam green mask with purple, yellow, and orange edges

    23. KayKastle on Etsy is selling bright-colored face masks with pocket filters for both adults and children.

    A model in a yellow face mask

    24. Kate Spade has a mask in their Fleur Nouveau print, part of the 2020 fall collection.

    A model in a pink floral face mask

    25. Amyang Fashun is selling two-packs in colorful prints and solids.

    A set of face masks in prints

    26. REI has face masks that are moisture-wicking, water- and stain-repellent.

    A model in a gray face mask

    27. Slow Made Creations on Etsy's stretchable jersey masks come in a variety of colors.

    Model in red face mask

    28. rag & bone is selling solid color masks in packs of three.

    Face masks in blue, purple, and black

    29. Bonobos has face masks in two different three-packs mixing fun prints.

    A model in a blue and pink floral face mask

    30. Hey January on Etsy is full of dreamy tie-dye options that are super soft on your face, and have both kids and adult sizes.

    31. Gillya Studio on Etsy has canvas face masks in solid canvas, lace, seersucker, and patterns with pockets for filters.

    Model in black face mask

    32. Dominique Ansari on Etsy has prints ranging from tie-dye to cute cartoon plants to word puzzles.

    A model in a pink and blue watercolored face mask

    33. Ideas by Arianna on Etsy has both face masks and neck gaiters in fun illustrated prints.

    34. D.bleu.dazzled offers face masks that add a touch of bling to your look while still keeping you comfy and safe.

    A black face mask with bedazzled message that says "fancy"

    35. Swatch Hub has a hand beaded face mask that will, quite honestly, put the night sky to shame.

    A BuzzFeed writer in a navy blue face mask with sewn on gold star sequins

    36. Everlane's masks come in three packs of gray, dark gray, and black.

    A model in a black face mask with a "100% Human" logo on the upper left side

    37. Ulta is selling Kitsch face masks in packs of three.

    A tie-dye, solid, and animal print trio of masks all in blush pinks and beiges

    38. Banana Republic has five-packs in varieties of solid colors to choose from.

    Face masks in solid and animal prints

    39. The Dutch Label Shop on Etsy is selling white two-layer cotton masks that may help prevent you from getting "maskne."

    A BuzzFeed editor in a white cotton face mask

    40. Hot Topic has face masks and gaiters in both prints and solid colors to choose from.

    A rainbow-striped face mask

    41. Moon Made Boutique on Etsy has a face mask designed with two straps so it doesn't budge while you run, jump, or bike.

    42. Christy Dawn's sustainable face masks come in a five-pack for easy cycling through the week.

    43. Hanes is selling two-layer cotton face masks in 10-packs you can get in black and white.

    Two models showing a side and front view of a black face mask

    44. Tory Burch has face masks made from seasonal prints, with all the proceeds going to various charities.

    Model in an orange floral print mask

    45. Bamboo Is Better on Etsy has masks made with sustainable bamboo fabrics to help keep your face cool.

    A model in a red face mask

    46. Wax & Wonder's face masks can be purchased individually, or with matching headwraps.

    47. Masks Made Here's performance masks help wick away sweat when you exercise, and have adjustable ear toggles.

    48. Good Day Masks on Etsy has cotton face masks in kid and adult sizes that you can also get in family packs.