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    36 Cheap Products That Will Probably Feel Like A Total Luxury

    Honestly, you might want to grow an extra head just to enjoy this shampoo scalp massager twice.

    1. A sparkling-wine saver to keep your bubblies bubbling, so you can pop your prosecco any day of the week without worrying about wasting the leftovers.

    A model sealing and then pumping the saver cap on a bottle of wine

    2. A set of 50,000 (!!) highly popular, 100% biodegradable water beads that are basically microscopic when they arrive, but expand into small, bouncy jelly-like balls when exposed to water. People love them for at-home spa treatments, for fun games with kids, for making stress balls, for home decorating — the word is your water bead oyster.

    3. A rainbow prism suncatcher you can easily hang indoors or out to refract sunlight and make a bunch of teensy little rainbows all over the place, like you're living in your own little magical realm.

    4. A soft silicone coffee straw designed to be super gentle on your teeth and mouth and help prevent you from getting a ton of coffee stains on your teeth. Its thin design means it can slide right into the sipping hole of small caps like Starbucks, too.

    Model sipping cold brew out of thin brown silicone straw

    5. A shampoo scalp massager you can use in the shower to massage and exfoliate your scalp, not just helping promote hair health and growth, but making showers feel 800 times more decadent than they have any right to be.

    The silicone bristles of the massager

    6. A mini cast-iron Dutch oven from the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen line to make decadent individual servings of mac 'n' cheese, egg bakes, and chocolate cakes galore, then eat it straight from the bowl the way god and Chrissy intended.

    A black mini cast iron Dutch oven

    7. A pair of vintage cat-eye sunglasses that come in so many colors it will be virtually impossible not to find one that matches your 'tude.

    8. A leak-proof sphere ice mold to make everything you drink feel so top shelf and fancy that you may just spend the rest of quarantine writing a self-insert James Bond fan fiction.

    9. A set of super chic reusable, washable mesh bags in assorted colors, so there will always be one that just *happens* to match your outfit (totally by accident!).

    10. A jar of Aztec healing clay masks for acne that essentially suck the gunk out of your pores (and pre-existing acne) like a vacuum, and will leave your skin feeling so smooth and firm you'll want to pet it.

    11. A dainty beaded face mask chain to keep your mask on your person while you're driving in the car between errands.

    12. A small crushed ice machine with a *ton* of useful purposes — people mention using it for homemade Sno Cones, Frappuccinos, or even just a fix for anyone who loves crushed ice from the gas station or fast food restaurants they might not to get to very often now.

    13. An assortment of international snacks so you can take a whole trip around the globe without ever leaving the living room.

    An assortment of snacks in crackers, cakes, and cookies

    14. A pair of ridiculously soft seamless bike shorts from Free People perfect for wearing under your favorite summer dresses, running errands, or lounging around the house.

    15. A tiny milk frother to make everything you drink so decadent it will taste like it was lovingly handcrafted by a barista.

    16. A gorgeous pastel paint-by-number with an end result so beautiful you'll want to frame it in the front hall — nay, tack it right to the front door. This is what you see when you look up "aesthetic" in the dictionary.

    A water color of a single pink flower in a vase on a rustic table

    17. A rose gold rechargeable electric lighter to replace all your old gas ones. This one is not only chic as heck, but completely flameless, and made with a long stem so you can use them to light gas burners and larger candles.

    A rose gold lighter with an electric current

    18. A travel-sized whipped shower frosting so even those of us without bathtubs can feel decadent as heck while we're getting our suds on. Each of these comes with three unique layers of soapy ~frosting~, in so many combos that it might actually make your mouth water.

    A pink, blue, and white layered "pink flamingo" shower frosting jar

    19. A set of eye-popping fine point pens designed for planners and journals, so you can keep your ink as fresh as your thoughts.

    The pens on a written page demonstrating the color/thickness of the ink

    20. A set of adorable hanging cat spoons, because truly, is there a more purrrfect weekend breakfast companion than one that will stir your coffee and your heart?

    21. A massive variety pack of tea bags from Taylors of Harrogate, an independent family tea and coffee company that's been working at perfecting its flavors since 1886.

    A box with the variety of teas

    22. A temporary tattoo you can get in a whoooole bunch of different designs, whether you're just feeling yourself or genuinely want to test out what it'd be like to have a tattoo before getting permanently inked.

    23. A "wine wand" to remove sulfates and histamines from your beloved wines in as little as three minutes, so you can enjoy a glass or two at your leisure on Friday night without waking up to your skull aching on Saturday morning.

    The metal "wand" dipped in a white, red, and rosé wine

    24. A bunch of teensy macaron boxes you can use to upgrade so many little corners of your life, whether it's storing pills, jewelry, cash, or just as a cute display in a pastel room.

    Tiny macaron boxes holding pills and jewelry

    25. A wine caddy for your bath tub perfect for any tub vibe, whether it's "set off a bath bomb and channel my inner mermaid" or "sit here and watch reruns of The Office until the water dissolves around me."

    A wine caddy suctioned to a tub

    26. A small reusable wrap-around cold pack for finger and wrist pain relief that will feel oooooohh so good on your poor hands after another bajillion hour long day typing away at the computer.

    27. A travel tin candle you can get in dozens of different New Orleans-themed scents like Bywater, French Quarter Beignet, and Sleepless In NOLA, so you can still be a tourist from the comfort of your own couch.

    A bourbon creme brulee candle

    28. A thick clear lip gloss that glides on without getting so sticky that half your hair ends up in your mouth the second you get hit by a gust of wind, and will give your lips the perfectly dewy shine of your Instagram dreams.

    Reviewer with glossy lips holding up the lip gloss

    29. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, so you can add a pinch of sweet and a kick of spice to — well, just about anything. If you can dream it, you can hot honey it. (Pro-tip, though: drizzle it on grilled cheese.)

    A bottle of the honey drizzled on pizza

    30. A pretty pink, super-soft Makeup Eraser that wipes makeup right off your face with nothing but water and a gentle scrub — and, more importantly, has a microfiber blend specifically designed to clear gunk from your pores and prevent blackheads and breakouts in the long run, too.

    31. A teensy make-your-own cheese set with everything you need to learn to make three to five batches of of farmer cheese and live your most delicious life in under an hour.

    The cheese kit with some homemade cheese in front of it

    32. A set of satin pillowcases that create less friction for your hair, so you don't have to wake up every morning ten minutes early to work through your tangles. It's also ridiculously cooling on your skin in the summer months.

    33. A bottle of unusual cocktail bitters to seriously amp up your home-bartending skills with unusual and ridiiiiiculously delicious flavor combos like "Earl Grey" and "Japanese Chili & Lime."

    34. A rapid egg cooker so you'll finally get the kind of ~dream eggs~ that make your home cooking feel like room service, whether you want a good old-fashioned hard boil or like 'em a little runnier.

    A transparent domed egg cooker with six eggs cooking inside

    35. Essence's Lash Princess mascara for length so effective, it will make your eyelashes look like they could take flight, but natural enough that they won't be mistaken for falsies.

    A reviewer with long lashes holding up the mascara

    36. A set of succulent candles with a timeless kind of sophistication — you can light these up any season of the year and be like, "Yup, that's the mood."

    six mini succulent shaped candles in different varieties

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