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Posted on Nov 25, 2014

45 Tips To Help You Join In On TV Conversation At Thanksgiving Dinner

Because are you really prepared to talk about football? WARNING: This post is filled entirely with spoilers!

1. Homeland finally got good! So good.

2. Did you see that car crash coming?

3. But also, why would the third highest terrorist lead the charge? Doesn't he have men to do that for him?

4. I'd miss Saul, I wouldn't miss Carrie.

5. Watching Cary plead guilty on The Good Wife totally made me cry.

6. Cary is the best.

7. The show CANNOT lose Cary and Kalinda in the same season.

8. Oh, the Kings... I hope they have some crazy tricks up their sleeves.

9. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Valerie Cherish coming back into my life.

10. And all I want for Christmas is for Beth on The Walking Dead to never sing again.

11. I love baby Judith, but, like, she's kind of zombie bait at this point.

12. Seriously, though, how does baby Judith get all of these new baby clothes? Like, she's more stylish than I am.

13. Mom, are you still watching 2 Broke Girls?

14. I really hope Luke Wade is going to win The Voice.

15. And that Pharrell gives him a lifetime's worth of hats in addition to his other prizes.

16. Jane the Virgin is the best new show of the season.

17. State of Affairs is a really bad mix of Homeland and Scandal.

18. At least there's no way our dinner can be as disastrous as the one Annie threw on Marry Me.

19. As much as I love Tina on Bob's Burgers, who wouldn't choose Gene's Die Hard musical over Courtney's Working Girl one?

20. Also, Tina's relationship with a haunted shoebox is a better than anything we ever saw in the Twilight movies.

21. How many episodes do you think there will be until Danny and Mindy break up on The Mindy Project?

22. New Girl's gotten a million times better since Nick and Jess went back to being just friends.

23. Everyone wants a bro mitzvah, thanks to Black-ish!

24. Is anyone who's not a teenager watching Red Band Society?

25. Shonda Rhimes in the Queen of TV.

26. But Shonda has also ruined my Thursday nights because I can't do anything from 8 p.m.–11 p.m.

27. Let's be honest, even 11 seasons in, Grey's Anatomy is the best part of ABC's Thursday night lineup.

28. But is the show going to start shooting half its scenes in Washington, D.C.? It better, because it can't lose McDreamy.

29. Are you drinking red instead of white wine because of Scandal?

30. Can we all agree that Olivia Pope is the most annoying character on TV?

31. But Joe Morton really is proving he deserved that Emmy for Scandal.

32. That scene in the woods on How to Get Away With Murder was so scarring, I double-bolted my door after the midseason finale.

33. I bet it's going to come out that Sam didn't even kill Lila.

34. I cannot even handle the fact that there are only four episodes left of Parenthood. EVER.

35. Max Burkholder deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of Max this season.

36. Also, Monica Potter deserves an Emmy just for being Kristina Braverman.

37. Zeek is going to die, don't you think?

38. Joel and Julia are basically back together, right?

39. I cry so much during Parenthood.

40. Did ANYONE keep watching through the series finale of Boardwalk Empire?

41. The Affair started off so great, and now it bores me to tears.

42. American Horror Story: Freak Show is, like, the biggest disappointment ever. On all of the levels.

43. Do you think the right person won Dancing With the Stars?

44. Have you finished Transparent yet?

45. Let's be honest with each other: We should have ordered this meal from literally any of the contestants on MasterChef Junior.

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