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    The "Mean Girls" Premiere Was Peak '00s And Here's Proof

    We need more metallic shoes and satin in our lives.

    1. 2004 was the year Mean Girls was released, and it was a simpler time.

    2. It was a time when Lindsay Lohan wore floaty embellished dresses and metallic shoes.

    3. It was a time when Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert wore mid-length dresses and strappy shoes to walk the red carpet.

    4. And the premieres for the movie were the perfect opportunity for low-cut pleated white dresses with waist belts.

    5. It was a time for semi-sheer dresses and completely visible underwear.

    6. In fact, the premiere was also the perfect time for declaring that your boobs were indeed real.

    7. It was the moment Rachel McAdams' hairspray fringe had been waiting for.

    8. Would Amy Poehler rock up to a premiere in a sparkly turtleneck these days?

    9. Would Amanda Seyfried wear a beige nightgown as a dress in 2015?

    10. And let's face it, no one would rock up to a premiere in jeans and a T-shirt now.

    11. The days of mothers and daughters wearing matching flatcaps have long gone. And it's a crying shame.

    12. It's a shame that Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey don't hang out more.

    13. And the biggest shame of all is that in 2015, Sandy from The O.C. doesn't show up at every event, ever.

    14. Bring back 2004 Lindsay, in all her turquoise satin glory.

    15. Bring back leather jackets, bright orange ties, and striped shirts.

    16. Bring back overly embellished dresses, goddamnit.

    17. We need more hugging on red carpets in 2015.

    18. We need Miss Teen USA turning up to things wearing her official sash.

    19. But more than anything else, we really, really need tans as orange as this.