Kylie Jenner Rated Her Past Halloween Costumes And Revealed Cute Details About Her Relationship With Travis Scott And Pregnancy With Stormi

    "We were superheros because Trav always says we are a super family and Stormi is a super child."

    If there's one thing we know about the Kardashian/Jenners, it's that they never fail to go all out for Halloween.

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    Remember the year they dressed up as Victoria's Secret angels?

    Or the year Kylie Jenner actually resembled Christina Aguilera better than Christina Aguilera herself?

    Well, Kylie has now sat down to discuss her most iconic Halloween looks in a brand new YouTube video, where she went back through the archives and gave herself a 10/10 for this Teletubby ensemble.

    And reminisced about being glad she decided against dalmatian face paint in 2000 because "looking back, Kendall's paint job isn't the best".

    But Kylie also gave away some interesting details about her relationship with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott, as well as her super private pregnancy with Stormi.

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    Kylie began by reminiscing about her costume from 2017 when she was in hiding while pregnant with Stormi, revealing that she got dressed up even though she wasn't able to leave the house for fear of being photographed.

    "This is from when I was pregnant with my daughter," Kylie said. "This was so much fun. I wanted to be an angel with these huge wings."

    "I was six going on seven months [pregnant] and even though I was pregnant and in the house — I wasn't even going anywhere — I still wanted to have some fun on Halloween."

    Kylie went on to address this iconic look from the following year, which saw her and Stormi dress as matching butterflies.

    And in discussing the costumes, Kylie seemed to confirm for the first time the long-running theory that Stormi's name is connected to butterflies.

    "This butterfly look was so special," she said. "We didn't go anywhere — I couldn't even walk in those huge wings."

    "But when Travis and I first got together, we got matching little butterfly tattoos," she went on. "Butterflies are just a symbol of our relationship and Stormi and so it was special to do the butterfly costume."

    And Kylie wrapped things up by revealing there was an incredibly personal — and adorable — reason for the superhero costumes she, Travis and Stormi wore in 2019.

    "I loved our superhero costumes that Trav, Stormi and I did," she said. "We all picked our favourite colours and we were superheros because Trav always says we are a super family and Stormi is a super child."

    "I threw this huge party for Stormi," she added. "It was super fun and a memory I'll cherish forever."

    However, over recent months there's been increasing speculation that Kylie and Travis have rekindled their relationship after splitting in 2019.

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    And within hours of the video going live, many people were wondering whether the references to Travis and their relationship were proof that they're back together.

    After all, the video comes just days after Kylie and Travis reunited for an Instagram photoshoot in which they cosied up in matching outfits and led to many people debating their relationship status in the comments.

    Whatever the situation, it's good to see that the pair have remained so close.

    You can watch Kylie's video in full here.

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