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This Theory About Why Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby "Stormi" Is Actually Kinda Genius

I knew all those butterflies meant something.

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Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner announced the arrival of her baby girl.

And the following day, Kylie revealed that she'd named her daughter Stormi.

Which came as quite a surprise to many people who had spent 24 hours convinced that the moniker would be, in some way, related to butterflies.

kylie is def gonna name her baby after some sort of butterfly

Kylie Jenner’s gonna name her baby butterfly, watch


Kylie’s baby name is gonna either be monarch or butterfly WATCH

Suggestions ranged from "Butterfly" to "Monarch" and "Mariposa," shortened to "Posie."


And since Stormi's arrival, Kylie has shared further butterfly details. First there was this floral arrangement, spelling out her name in front of a wall full of framed butterfly prints.

Then there was the fact that, back in November, Kylie posted this photo on Instagram alongside a caption referencing a photoshoot.

At the time, people speculated that the shoot was going to be a gender reveal. Whether or not this was true, we'll never know.

And there's also the fact that Kylie and her boyfriend/baby daddy, Travis Scott, got matching butterfly tattoos in June — approximately a month after she got pregnant.


Which leads us nicely to this new theory that fans have come up with, connecting the name Stormi to the reoccurring theme of butterflies.

Needless to say, people have lost their minds over making the connection.

ok i didnt like the name stormi but then i saw the thing about how the butterfly effect causes a storm and wow that actually makes sense

I see you Kylie. Flapping wings resulting in a later STORM(i) = the BUTTERFLY effect. Y'all we didn't sleuth hard enough.


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