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37 Times In 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King Of The Internet

This truly was the year of the Cumberbatch.

1. When he showed off his mad dance skills on the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

2. That time he posed for Esquire magazine and unleashed a gaze so smoldering that several issues of the magazine may have caught fire.

3. When he won the first annual "Alan Rickman-Off" by reading hip-hop lyrics in Snape's voice.

4. When he was an unabashed troll during his record-breaking Reddit AmA...

...And claimed that he, Matt Smith, and Tom Hiddleston have cheekbone-polishing parties.

Causing the internet to pretty much explode.

5. That time he made a Harlem Shake video using only his hands.

6. When he invented the perfect way to take photos with the hundreds of fans who showed up to watch the filming on the Sherlock Season 3 set...

7. And red carpets worldwide.

8. When he arched his eyebrow and the room suddenly got a little bit hotter.

9. That time he attempted to explain what a GIF was through interpretive dance.

10. When he was tricked into wearing "neutron cream" on the Star Trek set and still managed to make it look good.

11. That time he stunned Harrison Ford with his Chewbacca impression.

12. That time he reminded the paparazzi that there are more important things going on than the newest season of Sherlock.

13. That time he unleashed his inner speed demon on Top Gear...

14. And took the most amazing photo known to mankind.

Which instantly became a meme because of course it did.

15. That time he wore a yukata.

16. When he explained how Sherlock Holmes survived the Reichenbach Fall using a stuffed monkey.

17. That time he recorded the motion capture for his role as Smaug in The Hobbit and somehow made even dragons attractive.

18. When his Khan shower scene was too hot to handle and had to be cut from Star Trek: Into Darkness.

19. When he officiated his friend's same-sex wedding, because clearly he needed to prove he's more perfect than he already is.

20. When he and Martin Freeman shared a moment on The Hobbit red carpet.

21. When his dramatic reading of R. Kelly's "Genius" was already the sexiest thing to happen to television all year...

22. ...And then this happened and fangirl hearts worldwide exploded.

23. When he delivered this astute analysis of internet memes.

24. When he was featured on the cover of Time...

25. And The Hollywood Reporter.

26. That time he imitated a dog and thousands of fangirls volunteered as tribute.

27. When he was every inch the dignified professional during press junkets...

...and interviews.

28. When he showed off some impressive muscles in the short film Little Favour...

29. ...And made acts of violence uncomfortably attractive.

30. When he revealed his uncanny Martin Freeman impression.

31. When the first footage from Sherlock Season 3 was released and the internet collectively lost its damn mind.


32. When he winked and single-handedly brought a fandom to its knees.

33. That time he was greeted by an army of 1000-plus fans when he landed in Japan...

...And he easily convinced them to obey his every command.

34. When he took over The Hobbit's official Twitter account for a Q&A session...

Benedict Cumberbatch is here! #AskSmaug

The Hobbit


Benedict Cumberbatch is here! #AskSmaug

/ Via

35. And revealed his secret plan to break the internet using only his amazing self.

(n ͡ଊ ͜t⥪ ͡l°i e)


@TheHobbitMovie #AskSmaug Is twitter treating you okay?

/ Via

.@holmesexuals Yes, so let's break it.

The Hobbit


.@holmesexuals Yes, so let's break it.

/ Via

36. When he adorably struggled to make a heart with his hands.

37. And, finally, when he blew the internet a kiss and it was impossible not to swoon.

Happy New Year, sir. We can't wait to see what you'll do in 2014.