19 Things We Learned From Benedict Cumberbatch’s Twitter Q&A

The actor pretty much trolled Twitter while promoting The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. posted on

Benedict Cumberbatch took over the official Hobbit Movie Twitter account Tuesday to answer questions about his roles as Smaug the dragon and the Necromancer in The Desolation of Smaug. #AskSmaug was soon trending on Twitter.

1. He may be a little bit power-hungry.

The ring. RT @dr_mikki: #asksmaug if you were accumulating your own dragon's hoard, what would you want as the prize of your collection?

2. He’s a huge fan of his Sherlock and Hobbit costar Martin Freeman.

3. He’s very happy in his own scaly skin.

RT @rosiescot: #AskSmaug If you lived in Middle Earth, would you like to be a Hobbit, Elf, Wizard (yes, staff, beard, & all) or a Dwarf? X

I'm quite happy being a dragon, thanks. Oh, and the Necromancer - a disembodied spirit of evil. Less time in the make-up chair!

4. His parents read aloud to him as a child.

My father read the book to me as a 7-year old child. RT @highsockmojo: #AskSmaug what/who did you use as your inspiration for Smaug?

5. He enjoys the ongoing series of CumberCupcakes and has a somewhat naughty sense of humor.

An astonishing addition to the edible collection. One day, I will have to eat myself.

6. 140 characters are not nearly enough to express the love that he has for his fans.

8. He’d rather meet members of his family than famous people.

My grandfathers. I never met either. RT @b_smoraes: Is there a person (alive or dead) you would like to spend a day with? who? #AskSmaug

9. He’s definitely not a vegetarian.

10. He’s probably going to be a pretty scary dragon.

11. He and Martin Freeman are equally sassy bastards.

Martin, obviously. Smaug gets pretty clumsy in a rage until he flies. Then, I suppose he might have time to give the birdy.

(For reference, this is a thing that happened at the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles last night.)

12. He thinks Smaug would have quite a flamboyant taste in music.

13. He will one day become a wonderful director.

14. He’s identified with dragons from a young age.

@TheHobbitMovie If you could play any cartoon character/superhero/villain from your childhood, who would you play???? #AskSmaug

15. He places more importance on experiences than material possessions.

16. He has a sense of humor about being pranked by Simon Pegg on the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Neutron cream... better for your skin ;) RT @britishmenRhot: Which felt weirder on your face? Neuron cream or motion capture dots. #AskSmaug

17. He is constantly trying to make himself more perfect than he already is.

@TheHobbitMovie #AskSmaug if you could master one other skill (apart from your glorious acting), what would it be?

.@maybeginger You're very kind. Flying would be nice. Piano and French are more realistic though.

18. He has a thorough understanding of aerodynamic propulsion.

19. He may or may not have temporarily forgotten what movie he was promoting.

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