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    22 Travel Sites And Apps The BuzzFeed Shopping Team Swears By

    Even something that'll help you find someone to babysit your luggage while you sneak in a few more crepes before your (dreaded) flight back home.

    1. Sonder sounds like a dream for folks who are stuck in that tough spot where they don't wanna shell out for a hotel but refuse to start a wash with towels before they check out of another Airbnb.

    inside of modern apartment

    2. Trainline sorts out all the train options and tickets for ya while in Europe and Asia (or at least 45 countries total within those places).

    3. Omio compares transportation option prices (think trains, planes, ferries) to help you get to where you're going without wasting valuable sightseeing (or lying-in-bed-watching-TikTok) time.

    4. The Find My app + an Apple AirTag for each piece of your luggage gives you some serious peace of mind — because sometimes Lufthansa leaves your bag in Frankfurt instead of putting it on the plane with you back to Newark. It'll also come in handy to have (digital) eyes on your bags while you're out sightseeing. 

    Screengrab of location of Apple AirTag on the Find My app on phone
    Piles of suitcases at an airport

    Storytime: After traveling last summer carry-on only, and being a person who tries to carry on whenever possible, I finally bought a couple of Apple AirTags during Black Friday sales. And I am SO grateful I did. My normal carry-on bag was too big to fit the Lufthansa luggage requirements (and BOY, do they check that!), so I had to check my bags for a December 2022 trip to Vienna and back from Prague (with a layover in Frankfurt). My bag didn't make it onto the plane in Frankfurt, and once I landed in Newark, New Jersey, I pulled up the app on my phone and saw that yes, my backpack AirTag was indeed with me, but my suitcase AirTag was still in Germany. (The screen grab is from an Amazon review, but you get the gist.) The AirTag also helped me track FedEx's delivery of the suitcase to my parents' house, where I was spending the holidays immediately after my Europe trip ended. I was even able to see it on a highway less than an hour's drive from my parents' house. TL;DR: I think AirTags are very much a worthwhile investment if you travel a few times a year. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    Promising review: "I bought a pair of these AirTags for a trip to France, and I’m so glad I did! First of all, the setup is super easy. I had zero problems, and both were done in, like, five minutes. I put one in my purse and one in my suitcase. On the way back home, the airline lost my luggage. Checked the Find My Friends app where the AirTag is tracked, and I could see that it never left the Charles de Gaulle airport. I felt more assurance being able to track my bag through the app as it made its way across the world back to me. 10/10 would recommend!" —Lindsay Kirby

    Get an AirTag from Amazon for $29 (also available in a four-pack for $89). If you have an iPhone, the Find My app is already available on your phone. 

    5. Hotwire Hot Rates (which show up in red while you search the travel booking site) narrow down some solid discounts on your next vacation. Just note that they're often nonrefundable.

    a screenshot of Hot Rate offers

    6. A membership to Going (formerly Scott's Cheap Flights) reverse engineers when/where you'll go thanks to info on the best flight deals. There are two levels of membership, both of which entail *several* daily emails tailored to your "home" airport with priced-out deals and time windows they're available.

    Barcelona flight deal
    writer in front of la sagrada familia
    Going, Chelsea Stuart

    Premium members receive airlines' mistake fares from all their departure airports (up to 10). And Elite members receive the same for every single mistake fare Scott's Cheap Flights finds. Additionally, Elite members can refine results for fare classes. So if you absolutely refuse to sit in Economy (good for you, I'll sit wherever on a plane), you won't receive alerts for Economy deals as an Elite member. 

    "I have booked many a spontaneous flight thanks to Going! Back in 2018, I scored my first success: a nonstop flight from JFK to Paris Charles de Gaulle for $276 :::insert pause for you to pick up your jaw::: TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX FREAKING DOLLARS. Since then, I've been hooked and used them to score incredible fares to London and Barcelona, as well." —Chelsea

    Sign up for Premium membership for $49/year or Elite membership for $199/year.

    7. The Hopper app lets you sift through all sorts of travel deals for hotels, flights, car rentals, and home rentals. You can also set watch alerts for flights and get push alerts when the prices change.

    8. Google Flights to set up *free* price tracking on any trips you know are coming up...or just any you'd like to make.

    screen grab of tracking for a flight from NYC to Mexico City

    9. And while we're on the subject, Google Maps because you shouldn't be afraid of public transportation! Depending on where you're visiting, it can be much easier to navigate than your local public transit app options.

    screen grab of Google map directions

    10. AmexTravel (if you're an Amex card holder) sifts through all kinds of flight and hotel deals. Plus! As it currently stands in 2023, you can get $200 off a hotel you book through the service when you use your Amex card.

    11. FTLO, an actually cool group travel company that gives you a chance to have someone do a chunk of the planning for you and meet like-minded people who wanna explore without waiting on flaky friends or partners who keep putting off that bucket-list trip.

    12. GetYourGuide provides you with all kinds of vetted local tour options so you can customize your travels without having to wade through a week's worth of research (or rent a car to do Iceland's Golden Circle).

    13. Atlas Obscura if you're into the ~unusual~ and are a research person when it comes to trip planning. It'll clue you into all sorts of sightseeing ops that are a bit off the beaten path or decidedly kooky.

    14. Airbnb Experiences for tours and activities to try out in your locale — even if you're strictly a hotel person.

    screen shot of a ghost tour in Rome

    15. But also poke around on Viator a bit because they have amazing trips and experiences that you can't always find on other sites. Embrace the bookable day excursion!

    houses along the bay of Symi Island in Greece

    16. Strawberry Tours offer free walking tours (you just tip the tour guide) in a variety of cities. It's true, you can find amazing tours for $0 while abroad (or stateside) without having to dig or meet up with someone sketchy.

    Buckingham Palace seen through a dark park in London

    17. Luggage Hero saves you the hassle of dragging your weekender bag to the Liberty Bell or awkwardly wheeling your suitcase into a restaurant you were able to squeeze in before heading off to the airport. It sets you up with folks who'll babysit your bags while you do other stuff.

    screen shot of drop off location for LuggageHero

    18. Turo helps you zero in on bookable cars near you *and* lets you cancel your plans as close as 24 hours in advance. Because, well, have you priced out a regular ole rental car lately (or had to drive to the airport *just* to get a rental car)?

    19. Out of Office aggregates travel tips and recs from IRL people you actually know. BuzzFeed writers have gobs of travel tips — hence this story — but it's also nice to get 'em from folks who know you personally.

    20. The TripIt app, which consolidates reservations from your email inbox to this app in a timeline for each trip. It captures confirmation numbers and time stamps at a glance so you don't have to dig in your inbox or separate airline or travel apps.

    21. VIA Rail Canada gives you a range of prices for your train travels throughout Canada.

    22. And, the app for whatever airline you're flying because you can often get updates on flight status and gate changes there before you receive emails about them.