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    9 Life-Changing Things You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

    Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

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    1. A pair of eerily striking Edgar Allan Poe socks to warm your toes and do the heavy lifting of creeping for you.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    I've had a soft spot for ol' Eddy for decades — ever since I read The Tell-Tale Heart in English class. I've visited a variety of EAP spots since, like the national historic site in Philadelphia, the former site of his NYC farmhouse, and the Poe Museum and his mother's gravesite in Richmond, Virginia. (His mom is buried in the graveyard of the church where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech!) And I watched the horrible The Raven film on Netfilx. (Love you, John Cusack.) But this is neither a history nor film post. We are here to talk about FASHION.

    Now, I'm not going to wear a varsity-style jacket with his face embroidered on the back. (Though I did have a vice principal who had a Steven Seagal jacket like that. Really.) But I asked — nay, demanded — that my brother buy me these socks for Christmas last year, and he came through. They've been in my usual sock rotation for nearly a year now and have withstood the sometimes-rough-and-tumble treatment my laundry gets when I send it out for wash-and-fold laundry service. (I've had lots of clothing fall prey to the convenience over the past few years. RIP, three good bras.) Their reinforced toes also mean that they've stood up to endless layering with tights inside boots while I stomp around NYC. Sometimes I let Eddy peek out for a jaunt, like I did here while exploring Montreal on a long weekend, and sometimes I make him watch my stories (e.g., Real Housewives) with me on my couch. No matter what, he seems to be sticking around for a bit. —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get them from Amazon for $10.25+ (available in sizes S and L).

    2. A mock turtleneck tank that'll incur the envy and the wrath of Kate from Lizzie McGuire. Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

    Nikki Francois / BuzzFeed

    Okay – like probably many of you, I was emotionally scarred when I heard Target was discontinuing its Merona and Mossimo lines. Most of my closet is overflowing with those brands! However, when I recently bounced into my local Target, I decided to give their new brand, A New Day, a chance. Still mourning the loss of Merona and Mossimo, I was sifting through clothing when I found this wonderful gem of a sleeveless mockneck tank. I tried it on and I felt like Kate from Lizzie McGuire! It was a must-buy.

    Not only did I feel like I was taking a stroll down ‘00s memory lane, but I felt so comfy. The material is a soft, lightweight jersey material, PERFECT for layering and transitioning into different seasons. Plus, it’s long and flowy enough to wear with leggings on those ~lazy~ days. Of course, if you want to look more dressy, throw on a jacket and tuck it into a pencil skirt. This tank is so versatile —great for any type of look.

    Bonus? It’s on sale now for $10.48! Honestly, I think I’m going to buy another color. —Nikki Francois

    Get it from Target for $10.48 (available in four colors, sizes XS–2XL).

    3. A versatile jumpsuit that just may convert even the staunchest of non-believers.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed, Emmy Favilla

    I am, officially, a Jumpsuit Person. I firmly believe that a good, simple jumpsuit has the ability to inject playfulness and personality into an otherwise ho-hum look the way a good, simple dress just doesn't. (No offense, dresses. You're still special in your own way.) Maybe it's me trying to cling onto my youth as 35 looms large on the horizon, or maybe I just don't want to be bothered with shaving my legs. Whatever the case, the little black jumpsuit is my little black dress, and the newest addition to my collection is ModCloth's Slicker Than Your Average jumpsuit, which I've worn, no exaggeration, once a week since purchasing it three months ago.

    It's the perfect late-summer-through-autumn jumpsuit (at least in the context of New York City weather — you can extend its shelf life much longer if you live in a warmer climate), with breathable, thin-enough material to keep you cool on a warm, sunny day, and great to pair with layers once the temperature starts to dip. I've worn it to work, to hang out at the grimy bar up the block, and to a bridal shower alike — and been complimented on it in all aforementioned settings! Seriously, this thing is versatile AF. You can wear it with casual sandals, a cute heeled bootie, or even worn-in Converse and it'll just work. Oh, and also: POCKETS. Jumpsuit, ily.

    It fits me perfectly, though as a fan of a little more coverage in the boob area, especially for a work-friendly look, I've been wearing a (now-sold-out) Urban Outfitters muscle bra in black underneath it, as pictured, and it pairs seamlessly. I love the shape of the pant leg as well — not clinging-to-your-ankle narrow but not too wide either. Only bummer is that it's available in just three sizes (small, medium, and large), but it's a pretty true-to-size fit; though if you're torn between sizes, you might want to get the bigger one. (I'm 5'7", and either a small or medium in most dresses and jumpsuit/romper-type things, and I'm wearing this in a medium.) —Emmy Favilla

    Get it from Modcloth for $54.99 (available in sizes S–L).

    4. A vegan-friendly pleather jacket for wearing with everything.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    I don’t wear animal byproducts like fur, leather, and silk for ethical reasons, so I never thought a leathery jacket would become the most-worn thing in my wardrobe. But I stumbled across Express’s (Minus The) Leather line about six years ago and I’ve never looked back. All of the brand’s faux-leather jackets are amazing (they have other cool styles like a moto and bomber), but this simple fit with a cute peplum detail in the back is particularly perfect, because it looks just as great over dresses as it does paired with jeans.

    I’m almost always hot, but I like to take an extra layer everywhere just in case, so the weight of this jacket makes it indispensable. It’s fairly lightweight, but it hugs you snugly when zipped up, and keeps you warm when the AC or the wind is blasting. There are stretchy panels on the sides that make it extra comfy and flattering (plus, there are perfectly sized pockets!), and the pleather material is flexible enough that you can tie it around your waist. Sometimes I abuse mine and throw it around pell-mell like I would a hoodie, which is probably why I had to get a second one...after three years. When you consider the fact that I wore it almost every single day, it’s amazing that it even lasted that long. It’s so worth the $128 price tag — the cost-per-wear for me is way less than $1!

    I wear this baby for both dressy and casual events, over everything from cocktail dresses to jumpsuits to jean shorts and a tee. While I wear the black version the most, I have it in several colors. This cut is available at Express almost every season in different shades — right now, you can snag it in 13 colors. In my dream world, I would have them all. Can’t wait for another half-decade with this jacket, my one true love. —Katy Herman

    Get it from Express for $89.60 (available in 13 colors and sizes XXS–XL; blue available here).

    5. A quilted fanny pack ready to silence the haters.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Fanny packs are back! Well, for some people — I know many of you will never like this look, but I don't care. Several years ago, one of my coworkers wrote an ode to the fanny pack, and she is right! It's super convenient, it frees your arms up, and it helps you limit exactly what you have to schlep all over the place. And I do like the ease and look of a fanny pack, but more traditional ~pouchy~ versions just never quite meshed with my personal style — until I saw this leather Gucci belt bag, which is perfect, but of course I super-duper can't afford it. I shopped around in person, searching in vain for the perfect substitute, but none of the stores I frequent had the chic little polished fanny pack that I'd actually want to use.

    So I went on Amazon, duh. Should have done that right from the start. I stumbled upon this quilted faux-leather number and immediately hit "add to cart." It had good reviews and was under $20, so I figured it was absolutely worth a try. When I opened the box, I knew I'd chosen correctly. It's one-size-fits-"most" but comes with two different belt lengths to fit a wider range of people. Fair warning, though: The longer belt is a slightly stiffer faux leather than the shorter one. The shorter belt and the bag itself are made of a suuuper-soft faux leather that looks shockingly expensive, given the price. I am smallish around the waist, so I did have to punch a few extra holes in the belt for a snugger fit. (We have a leather hole-punching tool at home for occasions such as these; you can get one on Amazon for $7.96, which is wayyyyy cheaper than bringing your belts in to a shoe repair place to have holes added.) It also has two loops to keep the end of the belt tucked in so the long tail doesn't dangle down. AND having so many holes lets me wear it both on my waist and on my hips.

    The pouch itself has several separate compartments (zippered and unzippered) so you can keep it perfectly organized. Hello, mornings where the subway is already at the platform and I'm desperately searching for my Metrocard! I happen to really like how it looks, and it's also convenient on the days I walk home from work (a brisk 4 miles). No troublesome shoulder pain from the overstuffed crossbody I usually wear. No purse full of 14 lipsticks when I only need one or two. Just belt it on and head out. As for what I'll do with my newly freed arms? The possibilities are endless. —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in four colors).

    6. A wrap floral dress that can deliver the ~drama~ in a totally nonchalant way.

    Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed / Via

    As a relatively small person (I’m 5’5” and have literally only grown an inch since seventh grade), to say I’m not a huge fan of maxi dresses is a bit of an understatement. Drowning in fabric? Skirts dragging across pavement and grass? Getting things hemmed? Nah, I’ll just stick to shorter dresses and avoid all of that. But when I stepped into Madewell (for the first time ever, I might add!) and saw this gorgeous floral maxi dress, I instantly fell in love. I am through and through a dresses girl (so easy! A complete outfit with just one piece *and* people think you look put together when in reality you're just lazy!), but I haven't gone total heart-eyes emoji on a dress in a looooong time. As a somewhat rational person when it comes to money, I tried it on, took a few smiley photos, and then promptly hung it back on the rack. I needed to give myself a few days to make sure I was ready to drop the most I'd ever spent on a dress (aside from prom, ha). And sure enough, every time I'd pull up the Madewell page or my own photos to stare at it, I became even more attached to it. The wrap bodice and sheer sleeves were basically made for my ~style~ and just too pretty to pass up. Plus, feeling equally comfortable enough (and stylish!) to wear something to work *and* on a night out is key, OK (I can't really say that for the majority of my wardrobe).

    The fact that this is the first maxi dress I've ever encountered that is actually NOT too long on me is a miracle in and of itself (and important to note that it's not specifically for petites). It falls just right at my ankles, which is honestly enough to make me sing praises. It's also the perfect relaxed-but-not-too-shapeless fit, partially thanks to the waistband. But I could also quite literally eat an entire cow and not feel like I'm being totally constricted or like I'm gonna burst out of my clothes — very ideal. And the wildflower print...can we just take a moment to appreciate its beauty? Another random bonus: I can zip this baby up and down by myself with some handy fabric-scrunching methods. Because nothing makes me more turned off by a zippered piece of clothing than having to rely on whoever else is around me to help with the zipper.

    Because of this dress I can also safely say I'm falling in love with Madewell in its entirety. This leather tote might just be at the top of my Christmas wishlist. Madewell's definitely not cheap, but I did score a 20% off discount using my roommate's Whitney Museum membership card (which gets you various discounts for businesses/restaurants in the vicinity of the museum, #protip), so that made me feel a little better about swiping my credit card. Anyways, whatever the price, if a dress makes you feel like a goddess (like this one does for me), it's 100% worth it and I'll stand by that statement until the day I die. In fact, if possible, bury me in this dress. —Sarah Han

    Get it from Madewell for $188 (available in sizes 00–14) or a similar one for $99.99 (available in sizes 00–14).

    7. A mantra bracelet for reminding you of all the love in your life worth celebrating! 💕

    Treye Green / BuzzFeed

    I am a sucker for a minimal piece of jewelry. And when I came across the MantraBand bracelets while searching for a new bracelet to add to my collection, I was immediately in love.

    The bracelets are available with a variety of inspiring mantras printed on them. I decided to go with the "Infinite Love" style, seeing that I wanted a simple design rather than a bracelet with a worded mantra. And it truly keeps me encouraged whenever I glance at the infinity sign and think of all the ways I see love moving in my life each day.

    They typically come in three to four finish options for the mantra you choose. I chose the gold Infinite Love bracelet, which is made with the same tarnish-resistant material as the silver bracelets, but with an added layer of 18K gold. And all the bracelets are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and crafted from a base layer of tarnish-resistant stainless steel. They are also fully adjustable, so I don’t have to fight to make my bracelet fit over my wrist.

    I wear my bracelet up to five times times a week, and it has yet to turn, after my having it close to a year. And it looks so amazing stacked with other gold bracelets as well. So if you're looking for an elegant and minimal new bracelet to keep you inspired and still look damn good, I'd recommend picking up one of these MantraBand bracelets! —Treye Green

    Get it from Nordstrom for $25+ (available in three finishes).

    8. A pair of piñata tassel earrings to bring the party to your look.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    I believe in the power of a good pair of earrings. Your outfit could be totally boring and blah and then — BAM — you deck out your earlobes and all is right in this trendy world. I typically opt for cheaper studs (they’re too easy to lose), but have a difficult time finding cheap statement earrings: They tend to be so heavy and weigh down my earlobe, to the point where I feel like it’s worth it to just spend a little more $$$ and get a better-quality item. And when I first saw these ~infamous~ BaubleBar Mini Piñata Tassel earrings in red, my heart skipped a lil' beat.

    These really are beautiful. The color is gorgeous and vibrant, and the earrings themselves are almost unbelievably lightweight. They don’t tug or pull on my ears at all, and my hair doesn’t get caught in the little tassels, which my brittle, fine hair is beyond thankful for. And the quality? AMAZING. Truly. I am not known for taking good care of my jewelry, and often throw these in my bag before running to catch the bus. After months and months of torture and travel, not one stud has fallen off. Not one bead has come undone. Not. One. These earrings, while on the pricier side, will actually last forever.

    It’s taking a lot of self-restraint to not order all 17 (!!!) colors. In fact, the rose gold and black pairs are already in my shopping cart. **hits checkout** —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get them from BaubleBar for $32 (“mini” earrings shown in picture) and $36 (original tassel earrings).

    9. A wordy bomber jacket that'll show the world you have no qualms about your unapologetic lifestyle.

    AnaMaria Glavin / BuzzFeed

    Some people have their thoughts written all over their forehead, but mine are on my back. This satin bomber jacket is so adorable, and always sends the right message (hehe). When Valfre sent this to me, I was surprised by the quality. The silky material makes it look so much more expensive than it really is, and instantly upgrades all of my outfits. Plus, the material is thick enough that I can tell it'll last a few seasons. I usually wear all black (and by usually, I mean every day), so the bit of red is a welcome pop of color. Not to mention, who doesn't want a jacket that begs to be Instagrammed? I'm sure I'm not helping the Manhattan population's reputation of being seriously unapproachable. But you know what? I said what I said (or, er, my jacket did). —Emma McAnaw

    Get it from Valfre for $125 in black or pink (available in sizes S–L).

    Valfre sent me this jacket to try free of charge, but I wasn't obligated to positively review it.

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