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44 Gifts Your Favorite Weirdo Will Probably Appreciate

Yes, there are several toilet humor-related items in here. So you have options.

1. A screaming goat that'll make them say "it me" when it shrieks on their behalf.

the screaming toy goat and a small pocket guide

2. A squirrel-size picnic table that'll provide dinner (for the squirrel) and a show (for them). Talk about some tableside entertainment!

3. A Star Wars light saber chopsticks set for the pal who's already accrued every single Baby Yoda thing.

4. A not-so-basic T-shirt made of natural fibers like CRAB SHELLS (yes, really) to help reduce odor and stay fresh between washes. Weird + practical FTW.

5. And a stabby crab pin they can wear on their crab shirt to commemorate this legend.

enamel pin of crab holding a knife

6. A coffee mug that transforms from solid black to utter perfection that your pal who dragged you on a New Orleans cemetery tour to see Nic Cage's pyramid tomb will certainly treasure. (I'm describing myself.)

coffee mug with Nic Cage's face on it with flowers and the words "You're my national treasure"

7. A scenic wall calendar any animal lover with an appreciation for all facets of nature will adore.

8. Bacon bandages because they swear that bacon makes anything taste better. Let's see how it fares for scrapes and cuts.

bandages that look like strips of bacon

9. A boba tumbler they can drink boba from. Or just make intense eye contact with from across the room when they're feeling thirsty.

drink tumbler with a face on it

10. And a a six-pack of boba earrings that'll just look the CUTEST.

11. A *mythical* meats jerky set to help settle the debate about just how tough a werewolf or chupacabra meat is. Oh, and they're keto-friendly!

the jerky stick set

12. A desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy they can dance along to because it's a little weird just HOW good they are at that dance.

the wacky inflatable guy

13. A Chewbacca vest that'll scream FASHION in Wookie (I don't know the translation yet, I'm not to that level on DuoLingo, OK?) for the pal who's been on the prowl some faux-fur the exact shade of Chewy.

14. A cat-carrying backpack in case they've been trying to train their cat on a leash but it hasn't quite taken yet. Tbh, an astronaut-looking cat is an even more delightful view for passersby!

person with a backpack on that has a clear window so you can see the cat in it

15. A mixed bag of edible bugs because you've heard them claim they'd be game for trying some bugs as a protein source. First up, the silk worm!

bag of bugs

16. Cleansing goo for the detail-oriented slime fan that'll turn out to be extremely practical!

17. A couple of urinal shot glasses they'll need OK? Even if they have a kitchen cabinet shelf full of shot glasses. These'll make the rest a total wash.

urinal-shaped shot glasses

18. A Krispy Kreme x Jelly Belly set for the person who more or less runs on sugar. Or whose sleepwalking alter ego loooooooves candy. Whatever, these'll be a solid choice for lots of folks.

Krispy Kreme jelly ban set

19. A ramen hoodie (in chicken or beef flavor!) that'll turn into their WFH uniform. They're gonna need those matching pants too.

20. A worst-case scenario cookbook for the person who has a bug-out bag and has been taking notes from all those soap-operatic seasons of The Walking Dead.

the cover of "Eating through the zombie apocalypse"

21. A shrimp neck pillow that'll cradle them — even if they're allergic to the real deal.

22. A pair of reading glasses that'll let them look at stuff while horizontal so whoever's in the living room can never truly tell if they're asleep or not. No changing the channel from the rodeo rerun from eight years ago on the TV with the loud buzzing at 11:03 p.m. on a Tuesday. Nope. Do not even walk toward the remote. (OK these are also practical.)

person lying down wearing the glasses and watching TV.

23. A gnome riding a corgi because they're all full up on cute corgi coffee mugs and enamel pins.

statue of a corgi with a horse-like saddle on it and a garden gnome riding it

24. Dr. Pimple Popper's game for the person who can't get enough of her addictive videos. ::raises hand::

the face in the game with a person pulling the pimples out

25. A Watch Ya' Mouth game will provide a hilarious twist to family game night for the person who's game for everything. Or just brags about how good they are at talking to the dentist. Enough with the bragging!

26. Or a Butts in Space card game for some gaming with considerably less drool. At least I think so?!

the card game box

27. An incredibly helpful guide to farts that'll help them get the most important answers to life's questions.

Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence

28. A motion-activated toilet light that I guarantee SOMEONE on your gift list will love.

toilet with half in the daylight and half in the dark with the toilet lit up

29. A copy of A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing but Using the Bathroom as an Escape as a resource for people using the toilet as a social escape. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. And this book acknowledges and honors that.

the book cover

30. A coin bank so they can finally put their money where *A* mouth is.

coin bank with face where you put the change in its mouth

31. A pair of beetle shell earrings for the person who's pretty into taxidermy *and* statement earrings.

beetle shell earrings

32. A Moth Man sweatshirt will finally give them an actual prompt to start talking about cryptid stuff instead of poking around for a friendly hole in the conversation. (I KNOW, because I'm that person.)

Moth Man sweatshirt

33. A carbonated bubble clay mask for a funny effect that'll also help 'em clear out their pores. Maybe buy some for yourself too and schedule a Facetime?

34. A "Satan's Blood" hot sauce folks who'd THRIVE on the show Hot Ones (or at least say so) will adore.

reviewer holding the bottle

35. A tortilla blanket that'll make them feel cozy on the outside like a burrito makes them feel cozy on the inside.

36. TP marshmallows they can put in their hot chocolate or whatever. Idk. But just be sure to make it clear that these are marshmallows.

marshmallows that look like rolls of toilet paper

37. An estate-planning journal in case they have a morbid fascination with death. (Also, someone feel free to buy me this.)

A reviewer photo of the I'm Dead, Now What? book cover.

38. And a coffee table book about cemeteries so they can perhaps find some inspiration IRL for their future resting place. Or just pay their respects. Cemeteries *and* graveyards are great! Do not dare confuse the two in my presence.

39. A light saber wiper blade cover because The Force is always with them...even when they're out running errands.

40. A jar of TICARVE Dust Cleaning Gel for the person who can NOT get enough slime and is always sending you slime videos on Instagram even though you're personally not a fan. They're gonna looooove this useful goo.

41. A toilet planter watering spike to tend to their houseplants and add some real culture to their space.

toilet shaped planter water spike in a houseplant

42. And some very nosey plant pots to help liven up their houseplant collection.

three differently sized plant pots with googly eyes on them

43. FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure — a cookbook by Eric Wareheim that your pal who's obsessed with Tim & Eric (ME) and is also very into food would dig. GIft 'em this and then ask them to fix you some Grandma food.

the book cover

44. And a bag of some "reindeer farts" that'll send anyone into a fit of giggles, regardless of age.

bag of cotton candle called "reindeer farts"