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    15 Picnic Tables That Will Automatically Transform Your Backyard Into A Party Space

    Why did it take me this long to realize that I can literally purchase a picnic table? And then eat at it every day? Being an adult is the best.

    1. A 2-in-1 interchangeable picnic table and garden bench you'll be absolutely obsessed with if you love saving space. Plus, it's so affordable you could easily buy two and have a garden bench and a picnic table that transform into each other. That's peak efficiency, folks.

    reviewer photo of assembled picnic table
    same reviewer's photo of converted garden bench

    Promising review: "Took about an hour to put together by myself. Directions were clear and easy to follow. Product is sturdy and there were no missing parts. I plan on getting a lot of enjoyment from sitting out and relaxing in front of my garden or having friends over to eat out." —Helen Latta

    Get it from Amazon for $159.99.

    2. A one-piece outdoor picnic table made of a soft wood grain texture so you won't slice your elbows on any sharp corners, potentially dampening your delightful picnic afternoon. No splinters either!

    reviewer photo of black picnic table on front porch
    reviewer photo of green outdoor picnic table

    Promising review: "This is a nicely made quality table with benches attached. Ordered it in white and we use it in a backyard area on rental property which helps create an inviting outdoor space for tenant use! Very happy with this, and had looked at many — great price, too! Plan to order another for us to use on our deck!" —anita wappler

    Get it from Amazon for $159.99+ (available in four colors).

    3. A kids' picnic table set complete with a removable, folding umbrella which reviewers are saying is shockingly sturdy when faced with rowdy tots, and is the exact right height for them too!

    reviewer photo of young girl at picnic table by the pool
    reviewer photo of young boy sitting at picnic table

    Both the picnic table and the bench can hold tots up to 135 combined pounds.

    Promising review: "Great quality of table and umbrella! My grandsons are three and four and are rough on everything they have. This product has stood the test. We are outside often in SoCal and use this table daily. Arts and crafts, lunch, and occasionally time outs. Easy to clean and move around. I highly recommend this table." —Cwboyz235

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

    4. A wooden round picnic table great for small spaces and improving family bonding time too, as you'll be able to see your loved ones' happy faces as they dig in in the comfort of their own backyard.

    reviewer photo of wooden circular picnic set in backyard
    reviewer photo of wooden circular picnic table with umbrella in driveway

    Promising review: "I am absolutely in love with this picnic table! It’s perfect for a small patio. The table itself is a little small for six to be eating at the same time — but we’re a family of three, so it’s perfect. Assembly was a little tricky, but it’s not hard, you just definitely need the appropriate tools on hand to do it. Once together, it is sturdy and great quality...the cedar even smells great. Would highly recommend! Great value for sure!" —Lauren A.

    Get it from Amazon for $159.98 (available in two colors).

    5. A rectangular outdoor picnic table set constructed with acacia wood and steel legs so you can be assured your lovely new favorite purchase won't topple with the wind.

    lifestyle photo of wooden picnic table in a backyard
    reviewer photo of picnic table in backyard

    Promising review: "Exceeds expectations! This lovely acacia wood (sturdy, long lasting hardwood and perfect for outdoors applications) patio set has adjustable feet so no unsteadiness, and the wood is a lovely rich honey color. I’m thoroughly pleased! Easy to assemble. Thank you Wayfair!" —Kelly

    Get it from Wayfair for $394.99.

    6. A folding outdoor sitting picnic table set that's the literal definition of romance. And yes, I mean literal and not figurative! Because you imagine sitting down at one of these tables in the rippling grass, munching on a charcuterie board someone laid out for you and tell me I'm wrong!

    photo of romantic picnic table set up on blanket with pillows
    folded up picnic table
    Wood Gift Master / Etsy

    Wood Gift Master is a Turkey-based small business that makes handmade wooden tables.

    Promising review: "I love my little table — it's perfect. The corners are nicely mitered and the slats have a simple handmade look. The legs attach with a screw and there's a thick elastic band stapled in place underneath to hold them during shipping. The whole thing folds in half for transport and has simple latches to hold it shut and quaint rope handles. All in all, I love the look. It was wrapped to the gills and shipped well." —Carrie

    Get it from Wood Gift Master on Etsy for $178.50+ (available in two leg sizes, and with teak oil or cold press flax oil wood protection).

    7. A coated metal picnic table if you've ever wanted those huge picnic tables at the park to be shipped directly to your home so you can feel like you're on vacation every day. Well, I found it, and you can literally do just that.

    reviewer photo of round picnic table with attached benches by the pool
    reviewer photo of round picnic table with umbrella in backyard

    Promising review: "Wow, these tables are great, easy to assemble, and durable. I put four together one and it took only about two hours. Love that all the bolts are the same length, no hunting for different sizes. These replace old wooden tables that only lasted two years and I expect these to last at least 10." —gobarts30

    Get it from Amazon for $1,038+ (available in four sizes, 21 colors, and rectangular and square shapes as well).

    8. A compact and collapsible mini table that's only 1.5 pounds, but can hold up to 66! The surface material is heat-resistant — so much so that you can put a camping stove on it without fear of it burning the wood. It also comes with a handy carry bag for easy transportation.

    9. Or a portable folding table for all the wine lovers out there. This one has a little more height to it, because there are cutouts for one wine bottle and two wine glasses. Once you're done sipping your wine you can fold the legs down to turn it into a charcuterie board. 

    reviewer photo of the table with metal legs holding sandwiches and wine on a picnic blanket
    reviewer photo of the table filled with charcuterie and wine in front of a field and mountains

    Promising review: "The perfect addition to any picnic! It held our wine bottle, glasses, and food. We opened the legs when we had wine glasses, and dropped the legs when we just needed it set up as a charcuterie board on a picnic table. We got so many compliments, and recommended it to everyone! This would make a great gift for a wine lover." —Kristin

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in three styles). 

    10. A mesh folding table so you can have your picnic anywhere the day takes you. It's even got two extension boards to make sure you have all the space you need.

    Portable table with built-in grill surrounded by food items, condiments, and empty seats for outdoor dining

    11. A mini picnic table for your little ones to enjoy picnics at all summer long. It's just their size!

    Two children sitting at a brightly painted turquoise picnic table in a natural setting

    12. A foldable picnic table for easy storage any time you're not holding a soirée.

    Backyard with two wooden picnic tables, a pathway, and a partial view of a tent

    13. A picnic table made out of acacia wood and sturdy metal that'll be easier to put together than you think. Go ahead and plan a picnic party!

    A wooden dining table and benches set in a modern room, decorated with plants and wall art. The table is set with food and drinks, including a fruit bowl and juice

    14. An outdoor picnic table because it'll hold every member of the Backstreet Boys and yourself.

    Outdoor picnic table on a brick patio with a pitcher of lemonade, flowers, mugs, and a small wagon with toys. Tree and fence in the background

    15. An aluminum picnic table because it's got that sleek design you've been searching high and low for.

    Gray picnic table with benches on a lawn, surrounded by green foliage

    This is what you'll think every time you invite someone over to dine al fresco at your picnic table:

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