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    35 Basics Under $25 For Anyone Who's Super Rough On Their Clothes And Could Use Some Replacements

    So, me. I wear my clothes like I'm driving a rental car.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A simple cotton T-shirt here to answer all your "What should I wear..." questions.

    model wearing coral V-neck shirt

    2. A swing T-shirt dress in a ton of colors that'll make it super easy to wear on the reg.

    3. A nonmedical face mask made of water-resistant material in case you don't want to worry about matching your outfit to your pop culture character-covered mask you actually do love. Plus! 20% of this face mask sale will go to Crisis Text Line.

    the mask in light blue

    4. Classic flip-flops or ones with a T-strap twist to get you from home to pool to wherever you're going this season. Also, they're less than your Starbucks order so you might as well snag some extras, you destructive you.

    5. Or jelly slides in case you'd like a lil' strap variety.

    beige slides with gold glitter strap

    6. Stretchy knit jeggings that won't scream "THESE AREN'T REAL PANTS!" like so many other imposters of the past. There's even a pair that looks like regular denim! And there are *back pockets*.

    7. And a pair of super opaque high-waisted leggings that aren't trying to be anything else except your new favorite pair you'll wanna buy in multiples.

    8. A seamless sports bra in a moisture-wicking fabric and enough support to last you through some at-home HIIT workouts. Sometimes all the motivation ya' need to get moving is a clean thing to wear!

    model wearing sports bra and lifting a weight

    9. A racerback tank in a TON of colors so you can keep cool, look cool during warm weather, workouts, being lazy, or for personalization.

    10. A cross-body bag with a boxy lil' design that gives it some major style with minimal effort on your part. Also, it comes in a range of colors so you can match it to your ~mood~.

    11. A breezy midi dress that'll keep you looking carefree, even if you're feeling quite the opposite!

    12. A pack of stretchy undershirts with adjustable straps because these things seem to go missing as often as socks.

    13. A ribbed halter top that'll pair perfectly with your favorite summer ice-cream treat. (I smell a photo op.)

    model wearing the shirt in green

    14. A pair of cuffed sweatpants you'll more or less live in while indoors (and probably outdoors quite often) thanks to its elastic waist, pockets, and a stretchy material. Plus, there are plenty of colors to give you enough time to wash them on rotation.

    model wearing sweatpants with cuffs at ankles, drawstring waist, pockets visible

    15. A pair of faux-leather flats for those days when you wanna keep it slip-free and simple with a comfy design and rubber sole.

    16. An adorable rain jacket with a drawstring hood, full zip, and pockets to keep you going, even when it seems that the sky is just dumping sheets of water on your head. Psst, this is perf for super muggy days, but could layer well in colder temps.

    model wearing the blue and gray jacket

    17. A pair of ankle trousers that'll keep you looking professional or put-together without feeling all buttoned up.

    18. A stretchy romper bodysuit you can layer underneath short summer dresses for some windproof protection. It'll also look effortlessly fab with sweatshirts and skirts.

    model wearing the bodysuit

    19. A pair of stretchy bike shorts that'll become part of your WFH, working out, lounging, *and* just-about-anything-else rotation.

    20. A striped button-up shirt to keep you looking incredibly put together, at least on the top!

    model wearing the shirt with white jeans

    21. A pair of hoop earrings that won't drag down your lobes thanks to their lightweight construction. Plus, IMO throwing on hoops is the easiest way to make any outfit look so much more glam. Even leggings and the same shirt you've been wearing for three days!

    22. Or a five-pack of stainless-steel stud earrings as a finishing touch before you head out the door, even if you're typically allergic to cheap earrings.

    model wearing two sets of the studs and product shot of stud earrings

    23. A soft faux-leather tote that'll be a flexible option when you need to gather your essentials for a quick getaway from your roommates at the coffee shop around the corner they somehow haven't discovered yet.

    24. A pair of sneaker-style rain boots in both hi- and low-top options you'll come to rely on for those days when it's a 30% chance of rain and you 100% don't want to ruin your good suede ankle boots OR sweat it out through wellies. Plus! If it doesn't end up raining, it's NBD.

    model wearing black low top sneakers with white laces

    25. A lacy LBD (that comes in other colors!) to get you through any parties where you've gotta be a little more covered up. And weddings. And cocktail hours. And any other events where you need to look like a slightly better dressed version of yourself.

    26. Slip-on sneakers in a perforated metallic style that'll make every well-cushioned step look a bit fancier.

    27. An empire-waist dress that'll have you covered if you like just a smidge of structure to your dress. Just a bit!

    model wearing dress with jean jacket, model wearing dress by itself

    28. A colorful wrap dress — in straight and plus sizes — for something that's office dress code–appropriate without being a total snore.

    29. A pair of canvas sneakers for when you want a fashion sneaker without that dang price. (No judgment!) But also if you decide to, say, wear these bbs to a bachelorette in New Orleans they're cheap enough to toss after. (I've ruined a pair of lovely shoes that way myself.)

    model wearing gray sneakers

    30. A pair of chino shorts in 22 styles that'll surely cover you for the summer. AND the 3.5-inch inseam means you won't have to worry every time you sit.

    shorts in blue and white stripes

    31. A six-pack of thongs to have on hand for that dress that you JUST realized is really sorta clingy!

    the thongs

    32. A super soft shirt dress (with pockets!!!) you'll be able to dress up/down in all sorts of ways over the seasons.

    the dress in light blue, medium blue, and olive green

    33. Thong sandals in case you, like me, have had the horrific experience of stepping out of a flip-flop on a dirty city street. Or perhaps you just have good taste. Could be both!

    the sandals in tan

    34. A maxi dress with lil' side slits for some extra motion on your weekend goings about. Yes, this *is* your new weekend uniform.

    model wearing striped version of dress, then the back of pink dress

    35. A pair of white jeans in a wide-leg fit for a fresh summer 'fit. And then wear them past Labor Day. Live your life!

    model wearing the pants

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