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Posted on Mar 7, 2017

31 Things You Can Buy On Amazon You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

From goats to Communion juice packs, everything you didn't know you needed delivered right to your door.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A cleaning service that comes to your home or office to make everything seem brand-new.

Cleaning services include trash removal, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen deep-cleans, and all supplies. You can request eco supplies, too! Services begin at $35 per hour and vary based on home size and location.

2. On that note, you can get your tires changed, computer repaired, or your phone screen fixed with just a push of a button.,,

Learn more about getting tire installations, hiring IT professionals, getting your phone's screen repaired, and a variety of other services through your Amazon account here.

3. A mushroom farm, because why wouldn't you want a fungus garden growing on your kitchen counter?

Promising Review: "It produced so many mushrooms! Way more than I expected and way faster than I expected. They had a little spice to them, much nicer than the standard grocery store button mushrooms. They were really tasty when cooked, but good raw too. I shared them with all my coworkers and everyone loved them. So much fun to watch them every day. Once they start sprouting, they grow so fast it's almost unbelievable. I did the calculations, and if this kit produces one and half pounds of mushrooms (like it says on their website), then they will be cheaper than mushrooms at the grocery store. So, even if it wasn't so fun and interesting, it would still be a bargain." —Daniel Tward

Get it for $22.

4. A pack of Hello, Peanut to introduce your baby to peanuts.

Help introduce peanuts to your infant with this safe, allergist-created, simple, controlled solution and reduce an infant’s chances of developing a peanut allergy. Just mix one pack a day (for seven days) into the food and formula they're already eating.

Get it for $25.

5. A variety of products made by local artists and vendors through Amazon Handmade.

Get this plush for $30 and explore the rest of the handmade items available on Amazon here.

6. A super-gorgeous wedding dress for your big day.

You can basically plan your entire wedding through Amazon. From invitations to bubbles, decor, flowers, and archways. You can even print out your wedding photos. Explore more wedding dress options here.

Get this dress for $95. / Available in a variety of colors and in sizes 2–24.

7. An eight-pack of raw, whole chickens.

Get them for $56.

8. A goat grazer for when you need a goat to do your grazing.

Promising Review: "The goats did a fantastic job of munching down thick brush on a half acre site my sister and I own. Be prepared for crowds to gather and many smiles from the onlookers. It was a great experience for us and the many people that stopped to watch. This is an eco-friendly, quiet, community-building, and cheaper alternative to having machinery do the job." —Amazon Customer

Prices vary by location and land type. Learn more about how to rent a goat here.

9. A whole slew of Nicholas Cage merchandise to decorate your home, self, and life with.,,,

Get the shirt for $17, the iPhone 6 case for $1, the shower curtain for $24, and the pillowcase for $6.

10. A Rolls-Royce because why take the bus all the way to the dealership when you can have your new ride delivered right to your door with free shipping?

Get it for $305,000 or explore all the car selections at Amazon Vehicle.

11. An electric blower to help you deal with that pile of clothes on your bedroom floor.

Promising Review: "For the price I was not expecting this blower to be as good as it is. I live in a very woodsy area, where the fall leaves are completely overwhelming. But I am very surprised and satisfied with the performance. It does a very good job, it's lightweight and the price is great. I would definitely recommend." —Lesley D.

Get it on Amazon for $30+. / Available in red, green, purple, and blue.

12. A checkup kit for your pup to make sure they're as healthy as possible.

Find out what's going on inside your pup and save a little during their next vet visit by testing for high glucose, kidney conditions, UTIs, and blood in urine in just about one minute.

Buy it for $13.

13. A pair of underwear that can hold all your junk.

Promising Review: "My husband is going overseas and stopping at different ports on his way to the Panama Canal. A friend from work that also travels suggested these so he could put his credit cards and ID when he is walking around in those towns. They fit perfectly and he loved them. Very useful. He has enough room to fit quite a few things without looking bulky." —KeylaJJ

Get them for $24. / Available in black, red, and blue and in sizes S–XL. Find more innovative Launch Pad products here.

14. A box of 100 pre-filled Communion juice and wafer packs for those mornings when you need Jesus but you're running late.

Promising Review: "It is serving us well. We take communion to those who are not able to get out and to those who are in nursing homes, etc." —Mary Ann Cates

Get the set of 100 ready-to-go communion cups filled with fruit juice and sealed with a Communion wafer for $24.

15. Some praying mantises so you guys can drink all that communion juice together.

Promising Review: "Since I was a kid, I always wanted to buy some Praying Mantis egg cases. None of the garden shops around my home had any, so that was a dream that went unfulfilled. Until now." —Rod J. Kardorff

Get two egg cases for $15 or if a praying mantis isn't your thing, you can get 1,500 lady bugs for $6.

16. Some glow-in-the-dark toilet paper because when you gotta go in the middle of the night, you'll need a little light.

Promising Review: "Fun gift, but very handy on a hike." —Amazon Customer

Get one roll for $10.

17. Some really amazing and beautiful home decor.

Get these chairs for $130 each and explore more chair options here.

18. An at-home STD test because, as the box says, safe is sexy.

In just about five minutes you can take a small urine, swab, or tiny blood sample using the included materials and send it in using the pre-addressed packaging. Then in a few weeks, you can log on to the My Lab website and get your results.

Get it for $79.

19. A bunch of really amazing designer brands, often at a discount.,

Get these Loeffler Randall shoes for $450 and this Haute Hippie dress starting at $595.

20. A bottle of red fox urine to help deter mice from taking over your home.

But then you'll have urine everywhere...soooo....

Promising Review: "Smells like piss, tastes like piss. Keeps squirrels and mice away. Trains dogs and annoys neighbors. It's a bottle of high-ammonia piss. Just buy it." —Zach

Get a 16 oz. bottle for $13.

21. Some flavored crickets to help satisfy those cricket cravings that just won't quit.

Promising Review: "This was a gift for a family member who is ready for the zombie apocalypse, or whatever other collapse of society might come our way. Might as well get used to eating bugs now." —Papi Crabtree

Get three packs for $11.

22. Some nothingness because you already have everything.

Promising Review: "My ex-wife used to get me this all the time. I got it for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, and my birthday." —alexander erkiletian

Get nothing for $8.

23. A bag of Zombie Jerky that's probably okay to eat.

Promising Review: "Although the jerky itself was very tasty I could only give it four stars because after consuming this tasty treat I now hunger for human brain. I'm torn between what could be tastier, this jerky or my neighbor. Lucky for me my neighbor was a vegetarian, so I know he was all natural!" —Mott

Get a bag for $8.

24. A flower kit so you can grow a beautiful garden in no time.

Get the kit for $10.

25. Some fancy AF home decor from Jonathan Adler.,

Or explore more affordable furniture options available on Amazon here.

Get the chandelier for $1,133, candle for $70, and dog bed for $996.

26. A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to you or anyone across the country.

Get this arrangement starting at $33.

27. Some great fashion boutiques and brands that'll help get you styled at reasonable prices.,,

Get this top from Paris Sunday for $25, coat from Elf Sack for $23, and dress from Lark & Ro for $44.

28. A way to politely hint that you want money to spend on Amazon (or to gift it, if you're feeling generous).

Using your Amazon account you can set up monthly, weekly, or even daily spending allowances for nearly anyone with an Amazon account. You can also request allowances, if maybe you're hoping to get a little extra spending cash.

Learn more about how to request and give an Amazon Allowance here.

29. A fertility monitor so you can know when it's baby-making time.

YONO is a small earbud that measures your basal body temperature, which helps in predicting ovulation and hormonal health for women. Just put it in at bedtime, and wake up to results delivered via its app.

Get it for $132.

30. A garden fish tank that'll basically let you have your very own ecosystem.

Using a combination of fish farming and hydroponics, this tiny little ecosystem uses your fish's nutrient-rich waste to help your plants grow. Once the plants suck up all that waste, the clean filtered water drops back down to provide your fish with safe swimming water.

Get it for $100.

31. And this virtual reality exercise machine because exercising IRL is just too hard.

Promising Review: "This is the best invention of all time. It get's you moving, gives you a GREAT workout, and it's fun! I wasn't sure how good of a workout this would give, but after playing the games on it and forcing myself to do the 15 laps in the bike race, yeah, I felt it. I nearly killed myself!" —Aerith Gainsborough

Get it for $400.

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