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20 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses You Won't Believe You Can Get On Amazon

Here comes the bride...

1. A lace dress that is short and sweet. Also, stunning, sensational, spectacular, etc.

Promising review: "This dress is beautiful — I bought it for my wedding reception and it's perfect." —Heidi Fenison

Price: $59.98. / Available in sizes 6—14.

2. A wedding dress that was literally made for beautiful photo shoots.

"I had the most beautiful wedding..." —me at 97, pulling out my wedding album for my great-grandkids.

Promising review: "I love everything about this dress! It looks exactly like it does in the the picture and the customer service from this seller was wonderful! I ordered a size too small and had to return it for a larger size, but the seller was so helpful and understanding. I can move freely in this dress, which is a big deal for me because I plan on dancing the night away. I would recommend anyone wanting a quality dress for a margin of the cost to try this seller — the dress even came with a petticoat, the gathering is nicely stitched, and I saved a ton of money." —Juanita

Price: $23—$163. / Available in sizes 2—26. Also available to be custom ordered to your exact measurements.

3. A tea-length dress that is not itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow, or a bikini. But it does have polka dots.

Promising review: "This dress is exactly what I wanted. The fit is excellent and exact to the custom measurements I gave them, it arrived weeks ahead of schedule, and the company was easy to work with. I was hesitant to order my wedding dress online, but I'm so glad that I did. I am very pleased and would highly recommend this seller and dress." —Nicole

Price: $15.99—$85.99. / Available in sizes 2—26. Also available to be custom ordered to your exact measurements.

4. A sleeveless dress that will enhance your already very elegant self.

Elegance? That's my middle name.

Promising review: "I didn't expect too much out of the dress considering that it was only $60, but once I tried it on, I was absolutely amazed. The quality was INCREDIBLE, and it didn't feel cheap at all. I did read reviews before I bought it, and most people said that it ran very small. I've gotten so many compliments on the dress, and most people don't even believe that it was $60. I highly recommended this if you're looking for something affordable, yet elegant." —Miguel Sheets

Price: $44—$69.70. / Also available in sizes 2—26. Also available to be custom ordered to your exact measurements.

5. A swing dress that will make you want to repeatedly twirl around in circles.

Like this💃🏾, but in a white dress.

Promising review: "What a wonderful little dress. It fits as expected and looks and feels great! Great buy." —Suzana Jones

Price: $23.99—$27.99. / Available in sizes S—XXL. / Also available in 17 other colors.

6. A bridal gown that will make your guests say, "here comes the bride, all dressed in a freakin' amazing gown."

Promising review: "We all know how risky it is to buy a wedding dress online, especially if the sizes run different to what you are normally used to. With that said, the seller was so helpful — answered me right away and made me feel like it would all work out. (You know us brides can be a pain.) The dress is amazingly made, and it definitely beats those expensive wedding shops. This dress took so much weight off my shoulders. I do not even have to get it fixed or sized." —Yazmin A.

Price: $59.99—$89.99. / Available in sizes 0—22. Also available to be custom ordered to your exact measurements. / Also available in 17 other colors.

7. A white lace dress that has "destination wedding" written all over it. Don't forget to invite me.

Please, someone whisk me away to the Caribbean.

Promising Review: "I love, love, loved this dress! I got so many compliments on it — I did have to get it altered a bit, but they were all easy fixes!" —Kayla T.

Price: $45—$70. / Available in sizes 2—18.

8. A Grecian dress personally designed for you by Hera, goddess of marriage.

Even though you'll be looking like Aphrodite, goddess of lo0o0ove, on your wedding day.

Promising Review: "I wore this for my wedding in January and was completely floored when it fit perfectly. The dress was stunning and well made, with good material that will last. I'd say it was worth way more than what I paid for it, and I honestly couldn't have been happier." —Cathy

Price: $49.99. / Available in sizes 4—16. / Also available in 11 different colors.

9. A V-neck dress that will make you want to propose to yourself, JUST so you can wear this gown.

Promising review: "Ordered my dress custom, and it was prefect! Beautiful beads, sparkle, and lace; it fit like a glove. The pictures can't show how beautifully it sparkled or how gorgeous the lace detail is — it was so amazing to wear this dress on my wedding day." —Bethanie

Price: $219. / Available in sizes 2—26. Can also be custom ordered to your exact measurements. / Available in champagne, ivory, and white.

10. A lace dress that also rivals the beauty of the mountains below.

See #1.

Promising review: "I wore this as my wedding dress and would recommend getting it as true to size as possible, as it is super comfortable and has a really nice stretch. Everyone loved it! They couldn't believe I had ordered it off Amazon. It fit so well and I can't emphasize how comfortable I was." —PA21

Price: $242. / Available in sizes 0X—5X.

11. A bridal gown with a bow in the back, because your undying love is the greatest gift of all. Amirite?

Congratulations, significant other. You just got the best present ever.

Promising review: "I can't even explain how wowed I was with this dress. I ordered this just a month before my wedding, got it within ten days, and requested custom measurements. The dress fit me PERFECTLY and it was great quality." —Morgan Smith

Price: $150. / Available in sizes 2—26. Can also be custom ordered to your exact measurements.

12. An A-line gown that will make you want to have an adorable, vintage-inspired photoshoot.

This review picture = something I would pin to my "dream weddings" board.

Promising review: "I absolutely love this dress and I cried when I put it on. It looks even prettier than I expected; the belt is so beautiful." — Tamara

Price: $59—$139. / Available in sizes 2—26.

13. A long sleeve dress that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

Promising review: "My husband and I had an intimate wedding in the Smoky Mountains on 10/30/16. I couldn't believe how perfect this dress was for the occasion — I seriously loved it! I received so many compliments and was proud to announce that I had ordered it on Amazon for $70! Hilarious. Screw spending thousands on a dress you'll wear one time — Amazon is where it's at 😂." —Kelsey

Price: $69.99. / Available in sizes 4—16. / Also available in six other colors.

14. An evening dress with some gorgeous gold detailing.

All that glitters is a (wedding dress detailed with accents of) gold.

Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful! I took a chance, and wow — excellent quality, just stunning!" —Jessica Costanza

Price: $36—$79. / Available in sizes 2—16. / Also available in nine other colors.

15. A sweetheart dress with a beaded bodice that is love at first sight.

🎶 "L" is for the way I look at this dress 🎶

Promising review: "This dress is gorgeous and fits great! Keep in mind, it has to go to the cleaners to be pressed and ready, but I thought I'd share this with anyone looking to actually see what it looks like. This is the best $53 ever spent! Most people think I paid way more than that on this dress. I'm so happy with it." —Mandie Rollins

Price: $53. / Available in sizes 2—26.

16. A lace and chiffon dress that will get you even more excited to walk down the aisle.

"Are you excited to have a partner for life?" "Uh, yeah... *daydreams about dress*"

Promising review: "So extremely pleased with the dress and this company, which was friendly, responsive, and helpful. I received my dress three to four weeks earlier than expected after asking if it could be rushed since my wedding is on October 2nd. The dress is made beautifully and fits exactly like I had hoped it would. Thank you so much for my perfect wedding dress!" —Riley

Price: $56—$118.89. / Available in sizes 2—24.

17. A crochet maxi dress that'll make you want to get married on a beach with flowers in your hair.

Again, I'm expecting an invite.

Promising review: "I bought this dress for my Hawaiian beach wedding. The crochet work was flawless, the dress flows so nicely, and the fit was perfect. I couldn't be any happier with it. This is a great quality dress for an affordable price." —Shanyn Baita

Price: $24.99. / Available in sizes XS—XL. / Also available in khaki.

18. A tea-length number that will make any vintage loving gal say "yes" to the dress.

Promising review: "This dress was beautiful! I eloped with my fiancé and didn't want to spend a fortune on a wedding dress, but I still wanted to get dressed up for the ceremony and photos. This was the perfect fit for our wedding. There was a lot of detail, and the dress was made specifically with my measurements and specifications. I couldn't have been happier with it. I was skeptical about ordering a dress online, but all my worries were eased when the dress arrived." —Amanda S.

Price: $99—$109. / Available in sizes 2—24. Can also be custom ordered to your exact measurements.

19. A casual maxi dress that is perfect for save the date invitations and engagement photo shoots.

Promising review: "I love this dress! I'm getting married next year, and got this dress for 'my save the date' photos!" —Ari123

Price: $19.99—$45.99. / Available in sizes 4—16. / Also available in 18 other colors.

20. A gorgeous gown that was designed by magical fairies who specialize in wedding ensembles.

Clap your hands as hard as you can if you believe in beautiful wedding dresses that don't cost $10,000.

Promising review: "This is a beautiful dress." —Carina Salazar

Price: $179. / Available in sizes 4—26. Can be custom ordered to fit your exact measurements. / Also available in champagne and ivory.

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