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33 Inexpensive Pieces Of Furniture For Your Tiny Apartment

All less than $100!

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1. Show off your record collection with this vinyl storage shelf that won't crowd a compact living area.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $69. / Available in gold (left), turquoise (right), lavender, mint, and black.

Too big for your space? Check out this similar smaller model for $39.


8. Tuck away bath towels, serving bowls, and other necessities in this pretty cottage-style storage cabinet that'll fit in your dining area (dining room? HAHA!) or bathroom.

11. Create a space to do work — or dump junk mail — with this Parsons-style desk that's a lot less dough than the one you've been eyeing at West Elm.


15. Make a well-lit statement peek out from a corner with this pendant stand and light fixture in an illuminating combo that rounds out to less than a C note.


16. Bring some tropical flair to your living room (because we all know you can't afford an island vacation right now) with a streamlined wicker chair.

18. Sidle into this refreshed take on Umbra's Oh Chair to win some major contemporary design points with your coolest friends.


20. Expand your seating possibilities with this industrial stool that easily stacks and tucks away under open consoles.

21. Multitask like a FIEND with this storage ottoman that flips open to reveal room for stuff you want to hide, and a tray that you can use elsewhere OR as an impromptu coffee table.

22. Make room for another diner with this drop-leaf dining table.


26. Hide spare mismatched linens, trashy magazines, and other embarrassing essentials in this locker storage crate that's deceptively cool.

27. Lounge about in this inflatable chair that you can store in a bag when you need actual floor space.


32. Get your Master Chef on in a galley kitchen with an origami kitchen cart that'll fold up after you're finished baking.

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