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26 Of The Coolest Things On Amazon Launchpad

So many cool gadgets your head will spin.

Launchpad is a section on Amazon featuring cool tech gadgets, interesting new types of foods and drinks, and other innovative products created by startups. Here are some of the awesome things you can find there right now:

1. An incredibly useful device that lets you pour without uncorking, so you never have to deal with stale, oxidized wine ever again.

Because not all nights are entire-bottle-of-wine nights.

Get it for $199.95.

2. An insanely cool "smart" notebook that you pop into the microwave to erase. Yes, you read that right, MICROWAVE.

You can also super easily scan and organize your notes with the corresponding Rocketbook app, combining the satisfaction of old-school handwriting and modern, in-the-cloud tech. Magical.

Get it for $27.

3. A compact, hand-operated espresso machine that makes sure you get your caffeine shots wherever the hell you may be.

4. iFetch, an interactive ball launcher that lets your pup decide the pace of the game.

5. A brightening facial mask made by a brand that's focused on providing the most cutting-edge, science-backed skincare.

6. Delicious, light mushroom coffee that promises to give you ~dat energy boost~ without the jitters or upset stomach business.

7. A super simple, zero-effort-required indoor herb garden that even someone with the blackest of thumbs can't mess up.

8. Smart drinkware that resists the antics of the clumsy.

Their Smartgrip Technology traps a small amount of air in the base, so these babies won't fall over without a fight, BUT you can still lift them up naturally like normal glasses.

Get a set of two plastic tumblers for $29.99 or a travel mug for $15.97.

9. Dinopet, a living, bioluminescent companion that photosynthesizes during the day and emits a bright blue glow at night.

10. A PANCAKE DRAWING BOT and griddle set that dispenses batter in whatever damn shape you please.

11. Knee-high, no-show socks that won't scrunch up or slip off as you walk and will actually keep you warm.

12. An levitating egg...jk, it's a speaker! A majestic, spinning Bluetooth speaker that will leave you (and any visitors) in awe.

13. A spectacular waffle iron that lets you make breakfast in the shape of that thing you're always using to communicate or work or whatever.

14. A mini, self-aware robot who is equipped with hundreds of ~feelings~ but also learns and evolves as he goes.

Don't call him a toy — he'll get cranky. But do play with him lots!

Get it for $179.99.

15. All-natural deodorant that you should buy just based on the name alone.

16. A draft system that uses fluid and gas technology to upgrade your crappy bottled and canned beer.

17. Activated charcoal shoe inserts that will actually absorb and eliminate post-workout sweat and general smell bombs, instead of temporarily masking them.

18. A 2-inch cube projector that will save your eyes from needlessly straining themselves to watch content on your mobile devices.

Hello, tiny home theatre bb that fits in the palm of my hand and has a 120" display.

Get it for $290.06. Comes with a flexible tripod, charger, remote control, and various cables.

19. Clear dry-erase board film that lets you write on virtually any surface, just like when you were a dumb kid running around and ruining your home's walls.

20. A tiny smart alarm system that peacefully sends you off to sleep and wakes you up when you're in the lightest stage of your sleep cycle.

The small round coin (Sleep Pill) clips onto your pillow and syncs with the Sense ball to track your sleeping habits.

Get it for $129.

21. An ultra-thin, fine-tooth comb that easily fits in your wallet and doubles as a bottle opener.

Great for hairy situations.

Get it for $15.99.

22. Aromatherapy massage balls that claim to alleviate, among other things, headaches, muscle/joint pain, and emotional stress.

Roll 'em after a bad day.

Get two spheres for $35. Mini drawstring bag and lavender refresher spray included.

23. A compact, environmentally friendly espresso machine that only requires your two hands to brew coffee that rivals what the bulkier, electric-powered machines make.

24. An extremely simple way for the whole family to keep track of whether or not your pet's been fed.

25. Speakeasy briefs that have a special front pocket for all of your...stashing needs.

26. A multifunctional device that works as an inverted lid holder, single or dual trivet, or display stand.

Ah yes, let me take a closer look.

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