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    37 Things Under $10 That'll Help You Look More Pulled Together

    No one is gonna recognize the new, not-hot-mess, you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A translucent setting powder for a lightweight way to keep your makeup in place.

    2. A set of stain-removing Tide To-Go pens — you should know why! You'll know damn well why.

    3. A pack of blotting papers so you can take the "mess" out of "hot mess."

    4. A pack of hydrocolloid, tea tree, calendula oil, and CICA-infused acne patches that'll easily blend into your skin while they spot treat your pimples.

    5. A sturdy little battery-operated fuzz remover so you can make sure your favorite sweater doesn't look like you hate it.

    6. A ruched crew-neck T-shirt dress that'll look amazing dressed up with heels or down with your favorite sneakers.

    7. A pack of DenTek slim brushes to get your lunch out of your teeth and make it okay to smile again.

    8. A reusable makeup-removing cloth, because nothing says I'm a mess more than waking up with leftover makeup all over your pillow (and under eyes) but this will help make it easier — you just need water!

    9. A professional-level teeth whitening kit for getting your pearly whites actually white in just a few uses.

    10. A pack of bra strap clips to help hold everything in place and stop you from doing the grab for your sliding straps every 20 seconds.

    11. A pair of heel stoppers that'll keep your favorite shoes from sinking into the ground because we really don't need you tripping into a grassy field when, well, your heels sink into the ground.

    12. A discrete silicone anti-slip eyeglass retainer you simply attach to the arms of your glasses so that you can stop the struggle of them sliding down your nose.

    13. A matte finishing spray to help keep your makeup prisoner, even if you're dripping sweat.

    14. A pack of traceless hair ties perfect for getting your hair out of your way without messing up your 'do!

    15. A set of concealing blemish and undereye correctors so you always have perfect skin, even when you don't.

    16. A Diamond Dazzle Stick to help polish your precious jewels and make them shine bright like...well, like a diamond.

    17. A pack of facial and eyebrow razors that'll help shape your eyebrows, remove fine hairs, and smooth your skin.

    18. A microplane foot file to easily remove that dry cracked skin from your feet.

    19. A set of adorable hair clips can upgrade your 'do but also serve as a great way to keep your hair out of your face.

    20. A double-sided nail buffer to create a topcoat shine so blinding that you'll need sunglasses to look at your finger tips — plus the shine can last up to three days.

    21. A very awesome detangling brush you can use to tame your locks — messy should care, maybe just a little.

    22. A roll of fashion tape to make sure the only nip slips you experience are the ones you plan — plus it's also great for closing that chest gap in your button-ups.

    23. A sleek watch, because nothing will say "I am on top of my shit" more than just showing up on time.

    24. A holy-grail dry shampoo so it can seem like you've washed your hair more than once in the last two weeks.

    25. A statement layering piece, because some days are T-shirt-and-jeans days that just need a little help.

    26. A multi-pocketed handbag organizer to help you keep your purse from turning into a black pit of despair and save you from calling in a search party every time you need to find your keys.

    27. A simple, fresh, and clean cotton T-shirt — I'm telling you, nothing can be more refreshing than a crisp tee styled with your favorite pieces.

    28. A sparkling pair of statement earrings to add a pop of color, even when you're feeling like a head-to-toe gray look on the inside.

    29. A really great waterproof eyeliner, because that smudged eye-makeup look is not an ideal way to go about your day.

    30. A sturdy casual belt that will, quite literally, pull your look together.

    31. A pair of sunnies for help hiding those I-stayed-out-all-night under-eye bags.

    32. A long-lasting and cruelty-free eyebrow gel to help frame your face in the best possible way.

    33. An elegant scarf that'll help elevate your denim-jacket style.

    34. A very pigmented blush to cover up that "I'm dead inside" feeling with a nice and subtle radiant glow.

    35. A classic cotton button-up you'll look totally polished in and can use for nearly any event in your life — work, going out, errands...the list goes on and on and it all depends on how you style it.

    36. A ceramic flat iron, because sometimes you just need a little help getting your mane to look like it doesn't have a family of birds living in it.

    37. And a color-changing aloe lipstick capable of making your pout look like you woke up like that.

    When people see the new polished and put-together you...

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