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    It's Time We Talked About Cargo Shorts — Yup! Cargo Shorts, Every Dad's Favorite Pant

    Is it weird to borrow your dad's clothes? Asking for a friend.

    As/Is has been killing it with their installments of 10 People Style videos — so far they've shown us all the potential tie-dye shirts, vintage-inspired bathing suits, and summer dresses can have. But in their latest installment, they're really REALLY putting people to task by asking them to style cargo shorts.

    Look, I'm just gonna say it here, I've never really been a fan of cargo shorts. I have invested far too much in my handbag collection to believe any kind of bottom needs that many pockets.

    But this As/Is video may have changed my mind on that!

    They started by asking 10 very fashionable people to style your traditional, saggy pocket cargo shorts, specifically ones from Aeropostale and King Size — these are def the kind of shorts I'd normally side-eye when I saw my dad wearing them on vacation.

    The results left me singing Avril Lavigne and wondering if maybe I should, in my thirties, finally learn to skateboard. Or at minimum, go visit my local zoo.

    Check out all the really impressive looks on As/Is.

    View this video on YouTube


    And, I can't believe I'm saying this, get your very own pair of cargo shorts from Aeropostale and King Size (or your dad's closet).

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