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    There's A Summer Dress From Target That Looks Great On Everyone And We Have The Video To Prove It

    Target's A New Day and Ava & Viv sleeveless tiered sundresses might just be the hot weather staples your closet is craving.

    Remember when a group of friends found the perfect pair of jeans — a pair of jeans so magical they fit everyone magnificently? Yes? Great! Because the folks at As/Is found the summer dress versions of those very jeans and we have to talk about it.

    The dresses are from Target (of course) and honestly, they're so simple I would have never known their full potential if the folks at As/Is hadn't sent them out and asked these 10 people to bring them to life.

    People dyed them, altered them, and styled them to such perfection — you really have to see for yourself! But just to give you an idea...look at this DIYed piece of art!

    Okay, okay. Let's slow down and start by talking about the A New Day sleeveless tiered dress — a simple flowy number that looks pretty non-descript until you bring out its romantic/flirty/rock 'n' roll personality with your favorite accessories.

    The A New Day sleeveless tiered sundress styled and worn by one of the 10 people.

    But my personal favorite is the Ava & Viv sleeveless tiered sundress that, although very similar to the A New Day dress, has a squared neckline and thinner straps — all of which give it a bit of a '90s vibe.

    The Ava & Viv sleeveless tiered sundress styled and worn by one of the 10 people.

    Seriously, I am just in awe of what people can do with a comfy and simple white dress. Everything from boho glam to rocker chic.

    Check out all the ways they transformed it on As/Is.

    View this video on YouTube

    And get the A New Day sleeveless tiered dress for $29.99 and the Ava & Viv sleeveless tiered sundress for $29.74 from Target.

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