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    We Had 10 People Style This Tie-Dye Shirt From Amazon And Now I'm Adding It To My Cart

    The Colortone tie-dye T-shirt comes in nearly 50 color variations and already has thousands of reviews.

    Have you ever seen something (a trend, style, color, print...) online and wanted so desperately to try it but just weren't quite sure about it?

    Well, the folks over at As/Is know exactly how you feel and so they asked 10 people to style one of those "is this cute?" items to see how it can look in a bunch of different ways.

    Specifically, they put 10 people to the task of styling quarantine's favorite trend, tie-dye!

    To test it out they found the Colortone tie-dye T-shirt. A T-shirt that comes in nearly 50 color variations, a wide size range, is available on Amazon, and that already has thousands of reviews — many of which highlight how vibrant, comfortable, and durable this shirt really is.

    So can a regular ol' T-shirt make a whole look? Watch the results on As/Is!

    And make sure to check out the Colortone tie-dye T-shirt on Amazon! With nearly 50 color options to choose from you might just be inspired to work it into your wardrobe.

    The Colortone Tie Dye T-shirt in Reactive Rainbow.

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