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    This Unique Vintage Swimsuit Is So Incredible We Had 10 People Style It To See All Its Potential

    🎶 It was a (kinda) itsy bitsy, teenie weenie white bikini that they wore for the first time today. 🎶

    Is it just me or do bathing suits not get enough love? I rarely ever style my nautical uniforms with anything other than some denim shorts. Obviously bathing suits need to be practical (for all those in-pool handstands and whatnot) but why can't we serve up looks and laps while we lay by the waterside?

    Well, I think the folks at As/Is were thinking the same thing because they asked 10 people to style a magnificent little two-piece from Unique Vintage and documented it all on video to help give us all some H2inspO.

    All the looks started the same — with a timeless and universally loved classic halter top and high waisted bottom. This effortless and super versatile suit really gives some serious pin-up vibes while being pretty neutral.

    But the results were anything but neutral! Everything from casual to glam, streetwear to daywear. Seriously, it's hard to believe these are all the same suit. Check out all the looks on the As/Is YouTube channel.

    View this video on YouTube


    And find the halter top and high waisted bottoms at Unique Vintage for yourself.

    A model wearing the Unique Vintage two-piece on a boat.

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