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    This Video Of Tom Holland Rescuing A Fan From Being Squashed By Autograph Hunters Is Making People Love Him Even More

    He's a real-life superhero.

    You already know and love Tom Holland.

    Whether he's accidentally spoiling Marvel movies, going into existential crises about plot holes in his own films, or dancing around to "Umbrella" by Rihanna, it's safe to say that Tom is endearing AF.

    But it turns out he's also basically a real-life superhero, and this story of how he saved a fan from being squashed by overenthusiastic autograph hunters proves it.

    In an interview with Access, the fan — whose name is Cassidy — explained that she had been waiting to meet Tom outside the theatre after his appearance on the Late Show on Monday.

    According to Cassidy, the majority of the people pushing her towards the barriers were older men looking to get an autograph. Other people on Twitter posted photos and videos of the incident and said the same thing.

    @NamelessCass @TomHolland1996 I was there too I was crying because I was happy yet because I was scared. I never would have thought that people way older than me and bigger would be squashing me to the ground. I wasn’t able to get an autograph or a picture.

    this seriously hurts. people who claim to be his fans are throwing posters and phones in his face whereas others (such as our stan twitter queens i love u guys) really just send them love and want to say how much they mean to them. unacceptable behavior.

    i’m so glad people are justly calling out graphers (who are typically older men) because these grown ass adults shove and push teenage girls for an autograph that they’re gonna end up selling on ebay.

    But, in a video posted on Cassidy's Twitter account, you can hear Tom attempting to get the men to move away from her.

    Cassidy told Access that she never got a photo or an autograph from Tom because of the stress of the situation, but on the red carpet for the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere, Tom was shown a clip of her interview.

    "I'll send her a photo," he said after finding out she never got one. "I'll sort it out, don't worry Cassidy."

    He's basically a superhero IRL, and we have to stan.