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23 Times Tom Holland Was Too Precious For This World

Probably the sweetest Spider-Man ever.

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2. When he reminisced about his first ever Spider-Man costume on Instagram, and the entire world cried.

Instagram: @tomholland2013

5. Whenever he posts a throwback photo on Instagram (and he posts a LOT).

Instagram: @tomholland2013

(That's him on the right.)

17. When he styled out this accident.

21. Every time he posts an adorable appreciation picture of his dog, Tessa.

Instagram: @tomholland2013

22. And when he talked about how much he loves her.

hey so like not to be dramatic but this is the cutest thing i've ever seen

So. Damn. Wholesome.

23. And, of course, when he FULLY committed to his performance on Lip Sync Battle.

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