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    Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Are Flirting In Instagram Comments Again... About Having Kids

    This is a lot.

    If you've been anywhere on the internet at all in the last week or so, you'll probably be aware that Ariana Grande and SNL's Pete Davidson are officially dating.

    They've been all up in each other's Instagram comments for a couple of weeks now, making dirty Harry Potter jokes, and just generally being all kinds of adorable.

    Pete even got some definitely Ariana-inspired ink over the weekend! Honestly, it's just a whole lot to process.

    Well, if you thought there was time to take a break from this wild ride, you'd be wrong!!!! Because Peteiana Grandavidson are back at it again with the flirty Instagram comments!

    The tea is this: Yesterday, Pete posted this photo of himself eating Cheetos with actor Brian Tyree Henry.

    And in the caption, Pete announced he's having Brian's kids.

    Obviously, because that's what they do now, Ariana commented on the photo. And, IDK about you guys, but I feel like she's joking about having Pete's kids???

    And then Pete replied with this emoji, which I kind of hate? But that might just be because I'm not cool at all.

    Anyway, that's your latest update on the world of Peteiana Grandavidson, which is their official couple name now!!! I don't make the rules!!!! OK BYE.