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    OK, Ariana Grande Has Some Messy Insta Stuff Happening With Antonio Brown And Pete Davidson

    "@Petedavidson, king of loving my captions." —Ariana Grande, 2018

    People have been reasonably shook this week when word got out that Ariana Grande and SNL actor Pete Davidson might be dating.

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    The two haven't confirmed anything yet, so fans have just been waiting like:


    BUT HARK! When Ariana posted this photo yesterday...

    ...Look who showed up in the comments, heart eyes at the ready?

    Bobby Caruso / Via

    And when Pete posted this photo...

    ...Look who had an emoji response of her own!

    Bobby Caruso / Via

    BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers tried to shoot his shot via Insta with this very pixellated photo and the caption, "You still welcome @Steelers game baby @arianagrande."

    And, well, 👀.

    Bobby Caruso / Via

    It couldn't get any better, right? BUT OH, IT COULD. Later, Ariana posted this Insta video of her laughing.


    Bobby Caruso / Via

    And I'm over here like:

    RCA / SME

    ANYway. If you had any doubts that there's something going on between Ariana and Pete, I say this: Just read the comments.

    Bobby Caruso / Via

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