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    16 Of Princess Diana's Outfits That Live Rent-Free In My Mind

    The biker shorts and crewneck! A LOOK!

    This weekend, Season 4 of The Crown dropped on Netflix and, with it, Princess Diana of Wales entered the chat:

    Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in The Crown

    Now, Princess Di had some iconic fashion moments™ — including her wedding dress which, IMO, they nailed the re-creation of in the series — so here are some of her best outfits that live rent-free in my mind, and will continue to do so, for the rest of time:

    1. There is, as seen above, the SHOW-STOPPING wedding dress:

    2. The pink and red shift dress with the accompanying hat:

    Princess Diana wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a shift dress with long sleeves and four large buttons, and large button earrings

    3. The casual crewneck and sporty blazer combo:

    Princess Diana walking with a young Prince William

    4. Speaking of casual...the neon biker shorts and navy crewneck:

    Princess Diana's crewneck features a woman, the logo for the Virgin Group, and the words, "Fly Atlantic"

    5. The red and black plaid blazer:

    Princess Diana in a blazer with a poppy pin posing next to Prince Charles

    6. The red beret and matching dress:

    7. The "black sheep" jumper:

    8. The pink and red plaid jacket with the matching black beret:

    9. The purple overcoat and matching hat:

    10. The matching green ensemble with Prince Harry:

    11. The baby pink co-ord:

    12. The baby blue strapless and matching neck scarf:

    13. The sapphire blue sequined dress:

    14. The neon green and purple bathing suit:

    Princess Diana smiling in a bathing suit, a coverup tied around her waist, and sunglasses

    15. The pink jumper and gingham pant:

    16. Last, but certainly not least, THE. LITTLE. BLACK. DRESS:

    What's your fave Princess Diana look? Let us know in the comments below! Because I think we can ALL agree that Princess Di...