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    "The Crown" Re-Created Princess Diana's Wedding Look And It Might Make You Do A Double Take

    The attention to detail is really something.

    One thing we still have to look forward to in 2020 is the arrival of the fourth season of The Crown. The Netflix show is returning Nov. 15, and this season we will meet Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin.

    The monarchy. Above all else. @GillianA and Emma Corrin join Olivia Colman in Season Four of The Crown, arriving 15th November.

    So far, we've seen a few previews of what that will look like — and it does not disappoint.

    Des Willie / Des Willie/Netflix

    Emma definitely has Princess Diana's hair and attire down.

    Des Willie / Des Willie/Netflix

    If that didn't make you do a double take, then the first image of her wearing a re-creation of Princess Diana's wedding dress definitely will.

    Here is the original, in all its puffy glory, for comparison.

    Formal portrait of Lady Diana Spencer (1961 - 1997) in her wedding dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.
    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    Interestingly, The Crown's costume designer Amy Roberts didn't want to make an exact replica of the late princess' David and Elizabeth Emanuel gown, but instead wanted to do something in the "same spirit and style."

    Lady Diana Spencer (1961 - 1997) in her wedding dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.
    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    Emma talked about what the energy on set was like when she first put on the dress, telling British Vogue, “I walked out and everyone went completely silent. More than anything else I wear in the series, it’s so… It’s her.”

     Princess Diana (Emma Corrin)
    Des Willie / Des Willie/Netflix

    She also shared that she “had a team of about 10 people helping [her] put it on, because it’s massive.”

    Priness Diana (EMMA CORRIN) and Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR)
    Ollie Upton / Ollie UptonNetflix

    Emma has opened up about the "huge amount of pressure" that comes with playing Princess Diana, since "everyone has this ownership" over her. She told The Sunday Times she wants to make Diana "proud," adding, "I know that's strange and cheesy, but I feel like I know her."

    Queen Elizabeth II (OLIVIA COLMAN) and Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR)
    Des Willie / Des Willie/Netflix

    It won't be too long before we see Emma and the re-creation of Princess Diana's dress in action.

    Ollie Upton / Ollie Upton/Netflix

    Season 4 of The Crown premieres Nov. 15 on Netflix.