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    Tanner Buchanan's Least Favorite Scene In "He's All That" Is Addison Rae's Favorite Scene

    Stream He's All That for clear skin and good health.

    He's All That premiered on Netflix this weekend and already shot to the top of the trending page!

    In case you missed it, He's All That is the gender-swapped reimagining of the '90s teen classic She's All That, starring Rachael Leigh Cook, who also appeared in the reboot!

    So, to celebrate the release — and success — of the film, we had Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan take a costar test to find out how well they know each other!

    Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan talking about his role in Cobra Kai

    So, who won? Watch the video below to find out!

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    I will say, one lil' tidbit I quite enjoyed from this video was the fact that Addison's fave scene they filmed together was, in fact, Tanner's least favorite scene.

    Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan taking a BuzzFeed quiz

    The scene in question:

    Padgett laughing while throwing poop in Cameron's face

    Be sure to watch He's All That, now streaming on Netflix!