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6 Beers to try for the Six Nations In Edinburgh

At the Students Association, we are showing every match of the Six Nations Championship here at our Sports Bar and Pleasance Cafe here in Edinburgh and providing you with some awesome food and drinks while we are at it. For beer lovers - here are some tasting notes on the beers we have selected for you for each nation. Support your team in style.

How To Throw The Best Garden Party!

The sun has come out and the days are getting longer, so it’s time to make some #SummerPlans to get you through the rest of exam season! Why not celebrate the holidays the best way us Brits know how to – with a classic Garden Party? Here are our top ten things to remember when planning your summer festivities!

Translating Burns - Try Your Hand At These Famous Robert Burns Quotes!

This January we celebrate the birth of Robert Burns! He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide. Though his work is accessible in many languages, his works are mostly written in old Scot’s dialect. Check out some of these famous Burns’ quotes and see if you can work out the English translations!

Time To Try Something New - Give It A Go 2018!

No matter how old you are, there's always time to learn something new! Trying new things can be beneficial not only socially but mentally and physically too. Give it a Go is your chance to sample some of the great activities on offer at the University of Edinburgh. Check out why getting involved with Give it a Go and trying something new could be the best thing you do in the new year!

Scarily Good DIY Costumes To Spook Up Your Halloween!

Everyone loves Halloween, but you can't make the most of the spookiest night of the year without a terrifyingly fabulous costume. Finding that Halloween inspo can be difficult, and you don't want to be THAT person with the worst costume at the party! But don't stress too much - we've come up with some of the best costumes you can make at home to give you a few ideas!

10 Edinburgh University Societies You NEED To Know About

At the University of Edinburgh, there's something for everyone, and we really mean that! With over 280 societies and 64 sports clubs, we're sure you'll find something to get stuck in to. If you didn't get the change to truly explore the Activities and Sports Fair during Welcome Week, check out some of these societies and clubs here that you should consider!

10 Reasons Why Edinburgh Is The Best

Are you new to Edinburgh? Are you coming back from an adventure-filled summer? Or have you lived here all your life? Whichever it is, Edinburgh always has a surprise in store! A city filled with a vibrant pub culture, home to fantastic festivals all year round, surrounded by stunning scenery, and – of course – brimming with Harry Potter sights! Here are ten reasons to look forward to coming (back) to Edinburgh in September!

How To Adult For Soon-To-Be Grads

We all hate it, we all have to go through it: becoming an adult. For all of you graduating in May, It’s coming for you and it’s coming fast. That means getting a job, paying bills, opening a savings account, have a budget .... or be unemployed and move back in with your parents. Anyway, let’s adult!

Ten Things You Never Knew Your Reps Got Done!

#DYK that your reps are doing their best to make your life at uni as good as possible? They campaign for issues that are important to you, champion minority rights, and stand up for progressive topics .... whether it's about Halloumi Burgers, mid-semester feedback or a 24-hour-library. #EUSAWINS!

Burns In Edinburgh

Got plans to celebrate Burns Night? Our national bard’s birthday is celebrated every 25th January in a blaze of whisky, haggis, poetry and ceilidhing, but did you know there are every day references to Robert (Rabbie) Burns scattered around Edinburgh?