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Time To Try Something New - Give It A Go 2018!

No matter how old you are, there's always time to learn something new! Trying new things can be beneficial not only socially but mentally and physically too. Give it a Go is your chance to sample some of the great activities on offer at the University of Edinburgh. Check out why getting involved with Give it a Go and trying something new could be the best thing you do in the new year!

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1. Meet new people

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One of the best things about coming to university is meeting new people from all different backgrounds and cultures!

Though your lecture hall may have been a great place to make friends in the first few weeks of class, Societies and clubs are always running socials and events for you to go along to and meet other people!

Aside from course-mates, you can meet people who have the same interests as you, outside of the classroom!

2. There's something for everyone!

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You may have never gotten involved in a Society before because you thought there was nothing that interested you, but you’d be wrong - The University of Edinburgh Students' Association boasts over 280 Societies and 60+ sports clubs!

From appreciation Socs (like SociTEA), to extra-curricular activities and course-focussed Societies, as well as a whole range of sports clubs from rugby to clay pigeon shooting, there’s definitely something for everyone!

This is your chance to continue practising your passion, or try something completely new. You’ll definitely find something to love!

3. Develop your skills

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No matter how well-rehearsed you are in your chosen activity or sport, there’s always room for improvement! Clubs and Societies give you the chance to learn new skills as well as build on the skills and knowledge you already have!

There’s the potential to join committees, get involved with running events, and possibly even hosting sessions with your group (for example, one day you might be teaching your own dance class with EUMDS!)

Trying out something new can unlock a whole world of potential for growth and improvement!

4. Increase your confidence

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University can be a daunting environment, so what better way to increase your confidence than trying something new in an environment where everyone is new to the activity!?

Showing yourself you have the confidence to go out on a limb and try a new club or Society will only make you feel better, and you might even surprise yourself with how good you are!

5. Become more employable

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Though Societies can be a fun way to meet people and go on socials, they also help increase employability.

Training with a sports club or working with a Society shows dedication, good work ethic, and the ability to juggle social and extra-curricular activity with your studies.

Employers value graduates with a range of skills to supplement their academic achievements, and your experiences will give you something to talk about in job applications and during interviews.

6. Help improve your health

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Being part of a group can be a great incentive to get up in the morning and get active!

Whether you’re involving yourself in sports or getting your brain active with a Society, or just going along to a social to hang out with friends, getting out of your flat and being part of a community is a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling low or sluggish!

7. Even if you hate it, you'll learn something

Don’t be disheartened if you try a new activity and you hate it – at least you tried it once!

Even if you realise your chosen group is in fact not for you, going along to a Give It A Go taster session lets you explore a new activity or hobby and may give you an idea of something else you’d like to try!

8. You're more likely to do well academically if you're part of a group

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Some people assume that they don’t have time for Societies because of their crazy academic schedules! Being part of a group gives you a support system to help you through your time at university.

It’s been proven students who take part in extra-curricular activities tend to achieve better degree classifications, so if you’re not part of a Society or club then why wait to join?!

You’ll be watching those 'Firsts' roll in as you multitask between socials and studies in no time!

9. It's fun

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When we get older, we can sometimes become lazy and more reserved when it comes to putting ourselves out there. Be a kid again and throw yourself into any opportunity that comes your way!

Lose your inhibitions, laugh at yourself, and do something you’d never have imagined doing! As well as all the other benefits, most of all you are likely to have fun!


There are so many opportunities to get involved with clubs, Societies, and extra-curricular activities at the University of Edinburgh Students' Association!

With all these benefits in trying new things, and Give It A Go this week, check out all our events and sign up for something you’ve never pictured yourself doing.

You'll have fun, meet new people, and may even find your new passion, so dont hesitate to check out our events now.

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