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Dec 18, 2017

17 Things That Happened In 2017 You Probably Forgot About

What a freakin' year.

1. The world was introduced to Salt Bae.

2. Michelle Obama gave some serious side-eye.

Michelle Obama is not impressed by Melania Trump's gift giving ability.

@AdamJ_NBAGL / Via

3. Someone gave the Hollywood sign a new look.

@singy / Via Twitter: @singy

4. George W. Bush struggled with a poncho.

@katz / Via Twitter: @katz

5. Moonlight, not La La Land, won the Academy Award for Best Picture.


6. Nicole Kidman learned to clap.


7. A lot of girls tried to get a free bathing suit, and it definitely backfired.

@wrettbalsh / Via Twitter: @wrettbalsh

8. And Fyre Festival went down in flames.

Expectation v. Reality for the biggest scamming festival in the 21st Century #FyreFestival @WNFIV @FyreFraud


9. Men caught up to the romper trend.

@NJDG / Via Twitter: @NJDG

10. The Babadook came out of the closet...and so did Pennywise.

Pennywise and his boyfriend, The Babadook are off on a date to get crepes and terrorize some kids.

@kumivenarts / Via Twitter: @kumivenarts

11. A kid got free chicken nuggets for an entire year, thanks to the power of sheer determination and Twitter.

.@carterjwm is now the most retweeted tweet of all-time. That’s good for the nuggets, and $100k to @DTFA. Consider…

@Wendys / Via Twitter: @Wendys

12. Kendall Jenner tried to solve police brutality with a Pepsi.

Kendall Jenner gives a Pepsi to a cop and rids the world of -isms. Y'all can go somewhere with this tone-deaf, shal…

@_TARYNitUP / Via Twitter: @_TARYNitUP

13. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split up.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

14. Shaq openly voiced his flat-earth opinions.

And then took them back.

15. Justin Bieber "reportedly" shapeshifted into his true reptilian form.

16. The Ken doll was given a ~hipster~ makeover.

Why do these new Ken dolls look like they come with a pack of American Spirits and a messenger bag filled with viny…

@delaknee / Via Twitter: @delaknee

17. And Taylor Swift made a comeback, but might have also been carried out of her apartment in a suitcase.

Taylor Swift has reportedly been carried out of her house in this massive suitcase

@spin1038 / Via Twitter: @spin1038


Still feel like you're forgetting something? Maybe some of these forgotten 2017 bops will jog your memory.

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