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What It's Like Playing Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans will satisfy your craving to dominate the world.

TheAsianDavid • 5 years ago

What It's Like To Be A Seattle Seahawks Fan.

Hopefully you have been a Seattle Seahawks fan your whole life...or most of it. Really. It's tough. But when the going gets tough, running backs keep going!

TheAsianDavid • 5 years ago

Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is The Best Thing On TV

If you haven't seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX, then you are missing out. This cop comedy is the best thing this Fall. Samberg and cast make 21 Jump Street (the movie) meet The Office. Here's why:

TheAsianDavid • 5 years ago

Game Of Thrones Is Real

Whilst reading an BuzzFeed article on the abdication of the King of Belgium, I realized...He IS Tywin Lannister. He literally was like, Tywin is an old, smart guy, like me. Now King Albert II is Tywin Lannister. He even named his son Jamie!! Just kidding.

TheAsianDavid • 6 years ago