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Why You Should Be Watching "Almost Human"

It has robots, Star Trek's Bones, and Minka Kelly. What more do you need???

Fox's latest sci-fi series is set in the year 2048. In a decaying urban landscape, crime has gotten so out of control that human cops are partnered with androids.

Despite being from the creators of Fringe, there isn't a lot of complicated mythology so far. It's basically Blade Runner meets Robocop meets Hot Fuzz.

It reminds us of the fun sci-fi shows of the '80s and '90s. Like Alien Nation. Remember that one?

Michael Ealy is seriously great as Dorian, an android whose "synthetic soul" programming causes him to have some wild mood swings.

Dorian is partnered with Kennex (Karl Urban from Star Trek and Dredd), a gruff cop with a robotic leg. In high school, his teammates called him "The White Cheetah."

Together, they have quite possibly the best bromance on TV right now. (Or should that be "robromance"?)

Seriously, they're the best human/robot pairing since Short Circuit 2.

These guys cannot get enough of each other.

Their buddy cop banter is on point.

They're like Briscoe and Green from Law & Order, except one of them is basically a walking smartphone.

The other androids on the police force are rather lacking in emotion. Also, they're built like Ken dolls.

But Dorian is all man. He even whips it out for Kennex in the car.

Not surprisingly, there are already Dorian/Kennex 'shippers. Google it, if you dare. Lots of graphic fan art.

Oh, right, there are other characters on the show too. Like tech geek Rudy, played by Mackenzie Crook, aka Gareth from The Office.

One time he wore a fedora while undercover. It was awesome.

He also operated on a sexbot.

Minka Kelly plays a criminal behavior specialist who also shoots stuff.

There's some fan speculation that her character might be a robot. Though that could be because of her acting. Zing!

Lili Taylor, the acclaimed actress from I Shot Andy Warhol and The Conjuring, plays the Captain. She gets to deliver lines like "Her DNA was found on the sexbot" with a straight face.

Also, she yells at Kennex a lot because he's a cop who refuses to play by the rules.

But, really, Dorian is the best part of the show. Because sometimes his emotions get the best of him.

One time there were two Dorians...

And it was pretty funny and moving.

Only a few episodes in and Ealy and Urban already have great chemistry. Also, lots of sexual tension.

Hmm, maybe the 'shippers are on to something. Could Kennex and Dorian be TV's first robot/human couple?