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24 Fierce Gowns That Scream World Domination

Be the Khaleesi you want to be.

1. "The only thing I'm hiding under this fabulous cape is my ambition."

Chanel evening ensemble ca. 1930

2. "Every feather was plucked from the cape of a fallen king."

Alexander McQueen, fall/winter 2008-9

3. "My ascent to power was as smooth and simple as this flawless look." / Via

Evening dress attributed to Adrian ca. 1948-52

4. "You think this is a hand me down because another Queen wore it? Consider it a badge of approval and a warning." / Via

Emilio Schuberth evening dress worn by Queen Soraya of Iran, 1953

5. "Short and sweet just like your impending doom."

Evening dress, 1924

6. "Let my sparkle distract you while I steal your land and your tithes." / Via

Lanvin evening dress ca. 1925

7. "Me on my way to steal your sociopolitical influence." / Via

Evening ensemble ca. 1929

8. *blinds you with Queenly perfection* / Via

Evening dress, 1936

9. "Do I look like I care for your diplomatic solution?"

10. "This gown used to be white before I was called into battle and bathed in the blood of my enemies."

11. "This is so nice and cozy, I'll be taking it from you now."

Gallenga cape ca. 1914-20

12. "I'm the Queen and I'll show off my genius if I want to." / Via

Costume designed by Edith Head for Ginger Rogers in Lady in the Dark (1944) - one of the most expensive costumes ever made.

13. "These are the twelve tiers of perfection you must attain before you can even think of dethroning me." / Via

Vionnet evening dress, 1922

14. "Yes perfect, just enough room to hide a full crossbow and several throwing knives." / Via

"Petal" by Charles James, 1951

15. "Actually taking care of velvet is relatively easy when you can manage to run a whole empire." / Via

Evening dress, 1890’s

16. "Bow before your dark and beautiful Queen." / Via

Evening dress ca. 1908

17. "I've conquered as many countries as there are form-flattering drapes on this gown." / Via

Madame Grès evening dress, 1965

18. "It goes from funeral to coronation with just one simple accessory!" / Via

Balenciaga evening dress ca. 1952

19. "A rose for every every person I've felled on my way to the top."

A Catherine Walker burgundy velvet sheath with embroidered tailcoat, 1992

20. "About to make it rain pain on Spain's plains."

Balenciaga cocktail dress ca. 1957

21. "Do I look like a princess to you? Honey I'm a motherfucking QUEEN."

22. "My loungewear is fiercer than your Sunday best."

Dressing gown, Japan for the Western market, late 19th - early 20th century

23. "I dedicate this fabulousness to all those bitches who said I'd never be royal."

24. "I can't hear you over the sound of the patriarchy collapsing." / Via

Worth tea gown, 1895