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The 24 Worst Things To Say To Someone From DC

Maryland is not DC. I'm sorry, it's just not.

1. "Do your parents work in the government?"

2. "Do you know the president?"

3. "Don't take Connecticut, the president is moving."

4. "Topper Shutt said it may rain today."

5. "I think they installed a camera up here on the right."

6. "I'm from DC." "Oh really, where?!" "Well, Bethesda"

7. "Georgetown Cupcake is the best cupcake place in DC."

8. "Ovechkin sucks."

9. "Shake Shack is better than Five Guys."

10. "Why is the Metro always delayed?"

11. "There is no good pizza in DC."

12. "Do you go to the monuments all the time?"


14. "I heard the pollen count is going to be really high this month."

15. "LA has the worst traffic."

16. "What's go-go music?"

17. "Woah, another protest."

18. "You're not essential, so you can't get a car here. Sorry."

19. "Your metro has carpet? That's disgusting."

20. "There are no flights out of National. But there are seats on a flight out of BWI."

21. "Where is your Chinatown?"

22. "I'm a Cowboys fan."

23. "Why is DC so broken?"

24. "You're just here until you move to New York, right?"