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    43 Rad Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place

    Whether it's where you came from, where you are now, or where you're going, here's how to carry it with you forever.

    1. New York City Skyline

    2. Golden Gate Bridge

    3. Chicago Flag

    4. Ohio

    5. Brooklyn Bridge

    By Loic at Tattoo Culture.

    6. Michigan Palm

    Use that mitten shape to your advantage.

    7. Eiffel Tower

    8. Buffalo Postage

    9. Texas

    10. Great Lakes

    11. Twin Cities

    Done by Sara at Beloved Studios in St. Paul, MN.

    12. Brooklyn / Via Instagram: @s00xie

    This is temporary if you're not willing to fully commit just yet.

    13. U.K. Coordinates

    You can do the coordinates of any location imaginable for a subtle tribute.

    14. California Bear

    By Erik Jacobsen at Idle Hands.

    15. Portland Skyline

    The one in Oregon, that is.

    16. Canadian Maple Leaf

    Done by Blacky at Blacky's Tattoo Studio in Ontario, Canada.

    17. Florida

    18. New York City Subway

    These are temporary and don't account for the fact that the R barely functions right now.

    19. Boston

    20. Lake Tahoe

    Done at Brucius Tattoo.

    21. Hawaii

    22. Las Vegas

    Done at Ouch Tattoo in London.

    23. Rocky Mountains

    24. Maine Area Code

    25. New Jersey

    Jennifer Medeiros / Via

    26. Alaska

    27. New Zealand

    28. Isle of Man

    29. Vermont

    By Nora at Jade Lotus.

    30. Chicago El Map

    Apparently the woman who has this occasionally uses it to give directions.

    31. Long Distance

    32. Flag of the Philippines

    33. Michigan Mitten

    34. California

    35. Seattle Space Needle

    Christine Smyre / Via

    36. Russia

    Done at Dmitri Tattoo.

    37. Downtown Mexico City

    By Richard at Ganeshstudio.

    38. Miami / Via Facebook: DestroyTroyTattoos

    Note: Edited to include the tattoo artist's website. Check out Destroy Troy's Tattoos!

    39. Hollywood

    40. Your Childhood Home

    This redditor had his minimalist tattoo done to commemorate his move away.

    41. London

    By Tom DANGERZONE Tattoo.

    42. Minnesota

    By Shane Wallin at Twilight Tattoo.

    43. Everywhere

    Got a favorite place tattoo? Add yours below!