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Dec 27, 2012

25 Reasons Why Beards Change Everything

Beards, or just any sort of facial hair, can change everything. It's finally winter and it's starting to get cold out — here's some beard-spiration.

1. Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite"


From Kip to hip.

2. Jerry Garcia / Via

From Jerry to a young lady that goes a little too far every 4th of July.

3. The Most Interesting Man in the World / Via

From the Most Interest Man in the World to the least interesting used car salesman in the world.

4. Brian Wilson / Via

From Brian Wilson to Jersey Shore reject.

5. Chuck Norris / Via

From Chuck Norris to vacation Bible school teacher...which he probably is.

6. Zach Galafianakis / Via

From Zach Galafianakis to dapper young gentleman.

7. Rick Ross


From Fat Albert to Rick Ross.

8. Fidel Castro / Via

From Fidel Castro to that guy in class that would always remind that teacher that you had homework due that day.

9. Channing Tatum


From The Tates to creepy old man who hangs out as gas stations.

10. Freddie Mercury

From Freddie Mercury to a slightly less imposing Freddie Mercury.

11. Sam Elliot

From Sam Elliot to businessman.

12. Nick Offerman

From Ron Swanson to someone who DEFINITELY wouldn't be named Ron.

13. Brett Keisel

From a dwarf from Middle Earth to Brett Keisel.

14. Michael Cera

From Michael Cera to every guy who tried to grow a mustache in eighth grade.

15. James Lipton

From James Lipton to confused old man.

16. Luciano Pavarotti

From Luciano to LuciaNOOOOOO.

17. Weird Al

From Weird Al to David Tennent...or Steve Malkmus.

18. Che Guevara

From Che Guevara to Goodfellas extra.

19. George Lucas

From George Lucas to Little League hockey coach.

20. Hulk Hogan

From Hulk Hogan to a slightly douchier version of Hulk Hogan.

21. Burt Reynolds / Via

From Burt Reynolds, international sex symbol, to Burt Reynolds, international sex symbol.

22. Louis CK / Via

From Louis CK to Muppet Louis CK.

23. Dr. Phil / Via

From Dr. Phil to an even creepier Dr. Phil.

24. Tom Selleck / Via

From Tom Selleck to weird dad.

25. Abraham Lincoln / Via

From Abe Lincoln to Bill Nye.

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