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27 Unique Subscription Gifts For Everyone On Your List

In the wise words of Christmas Vacation's Cousin Eddie, "It's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year."

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. Shaker & Spoon satisfies anyone who wants fancy happy-hour cocktails from the comfort of their living room. Curated recipes and all the ingredients needed to make four different cocktails arrive straight to their door so they can whip up their own in no time!

2. Unplugged Book Box helps anyone who needs a little help reducing their screentime (*raises hand*). Every box includes a new-release book paired with a mix of self-care products to help them unplug. Plus, EVERY box supports small, woman-owned businesses and artists!!

a box that says "unplugged" surrounded by a book, candles, tea, and more items

3. Cocotique pampers them with beauty and self-care products curated specifically for people of color! With this, they can test out the latest and greatest products for their hair and skin without breaking the bank or spending a million years researching duds.

4. KiwiCo delivers an interactive, learning-based activity to their door every month so they can take a break from coordinating yet another fun but educational activity for the little ones. They have a wide range of boxes covering different age groups and interests, so there's something fun yet educational for everyone.

5. Sips By sends premium teas, personalized to match their unique taste preferences. Every month, they'll get everything they need to steep and sip their way to serenity.

a model holding an open box filled with different tea

6. FaceTory brings fresh face masks to your most skincare-obsessed loved one. With this, they'll get a fresh supply every month so their skin is never wanting for a healthy dose of TLC.

a yellow envelope that says "facetory" surrounded by different face masks

7. The Adults & Crafts Crate is a major upgrade from the popsicle stick craft projects of years past. This box comes stocked with everything they'll need to complete 'gramworthy projects they'll actually want to use.

8. BBQ of the Month stocks their fridge with delicious precooked meats, sauces, and sides with recipes and reheat instructions so they can get their grub on every month. If you're lucky, they might even share with you!

9. Puzzle Subscription Box keeps your favorite puzzler stocked up with a monthly delivery of a new 1,000-piece puzzle. There'll be no falling to *pieces* from boredom on your watch!

10. Smartass & Sass delivers a box packed with personality featuring a surprise selection of T-shirts, totes, books, decor, and more that's sure to make them literally LOL every month.

11. GlobeIn brings unique, sustainable, and globally inspired goodies straight into their home. Whether they're into self-care, home decor, or journaling, they're sure to find something they love as they get to *pick* the theme of their box every month!

12. Craft Beer Club sends a monthly box filled with craft beers from the best microbreweries across the country. It's like a cross-country road trip in search of the best brewskies, except way less work and questionable roadside rest stops.

13. TheraBox comes filled with therapeutic self-care products and "happiness activities" because who couldn't use a little extra dose of dopamine nowadays?

14. Bibbidi gets a regular rotation of Disney merch into the hands of your favorite kid at heart. With boxes at a wide range of price points, you're sure to find something they'll love opening, and that you'll love giving.

the subscription box pictured is their ultimate magic box which includes a Disney plush toy, a loungefly backpack, minnie mouse ears and two other Disney items

15. The Hopebroidery Box is filled with everything they need to create their own trendy, embroidered decor — with just the right amount of hand-holding. They'll love this whether they're new to needlework or have a whole stash of thread and just need some project inspiration!

16. Tokyo Treat invites the adventurous snacker to get their fix with full-size portions of popular Japanese treats.

17. BarkBox spoils your four-legged friend with a new themed box every month that includes two chew toys and doggone good treats.

18. The Sill subscription helps burgeoning plant parents with goals of turning their apartment into an urban jungle. With this, they'll be able to welcome a new green friend into their home every month, pre-potted in a stylish planter.

19. Finders Seekers is an escape room in a box that'll take the whole family on an immersive, puzzle-driven journey through a different city every month! It's cheaper than IRL escape rooms and they can keep working on it as long as they need — no time limits...or losing.

20. Atlas Coffee Club fuels their busy days with monthly shipments of single-origin coffee from a new country that's tailored to match their specific java preferences.

Three bags of Altas coffee and their info cards

21. Alltrue curates delightful goods made from sustainable and socially conscious brands that are doing their part to better the world. Plus, the giftee gets to have a hand in selecting their boxes, so you know they're going to get stuff they'll actually love and use.

22. Wild Woman Box fuels their outdoor adventures with everything from snacks to supplies, whether they're an experienced backpacker or a quarantine-made-me-do-it hiking novice.

23. Piquant Post is for the chef who's always down to try a new recipe. Each box sends along spices from a single country with chef-developed recipes that'll have their mouth watering before they even head to the kitchen.

a box that says "piquant post" next to several recipes cards and four spice packets

24. Vellabox sends a sweet-smelling surprise every month, so they'll always have a high-quality, artisan-made candle on hand when they finally have a moment to themselves and need to create a little *ambience*.

Two candles sitting in an open cardboard box next to a vase

25. Call Number celebrates the latest and greatest voices in Black literature by sending them one newly released book (and some themed goodies) every quarter. It's curated by a former librarian, so it's like having your own on-call literary guide for under-the-radar book recs.

26. The Comic Garage Box uses their personal preferences to add loads of comics — new and back issues, series starters, and variants — to your favorite nerd's collection every month, solidifying your status as their real-life superhero.

a slim cardboard box sitting on a table surrounded by different comic books

27. The "I Love Cheese" subscription curates *brie-lliant* monthly shipments of two to three top-notch cheeses and complementary nibbles for your favorite little cheesemonster to indulge in.

Them waiting for their latest box to arrive: