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    32 Practical Things That Don't Cost A Lot, But Will Be Used All The Time

    For everyone whose love language is "inexpensive but effective."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A length-adjustable pet hair broom with rubber bristles for wrangling the fur trapped in your carpet. If that's not enough to have you reaching for this broom constantly, there's also a built-in squeegee for corralling spilled liquids and cleaning glass.

    2. A tattoo aftercare salve because it soothes, protects, and enhances your ink, whether you got it five days or five years ago. Made from just seven vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, this balm is sensitive skin-safe and will make both colored and monochrome tats POP.

    a reviewer photo of an arm tattoo labeled
    a reviewer photo of the same arm tattoo labeled

    Mad Rabbit was founded by college friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor after seeing a gap in the market for all-natural products to heal, protect and enhance tattoos. They pitched their tattoo salve in season 12 of Shark Tank.

    Promising review: "Product was awesome. It rejuvenated a 5-year-old tattoo and made it look like new again. Mad Rabbit absorbed into the skin very easily without being greasy." —Janson Ward

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three scents). 

    3. A water-repellant Rain-X glass treatment to help protect car windows and headlights from the fogging and streaking powers of rain, sleet, and snow.

    Reviewer's car to show how one half of their windshield is clear, while the other untreated half is covered in raindrops

    4. A set of ultra-comfortable high-waisted cotton underwear with plenty of stretch, a no-roll wide waistband, and full coverage that'll help prevent any wedgie-induced tug-of-war action between you and your sweet cheeks.

    Reviewer's image of the black and gray pair of underwear

    5. An easy-to-use air pressure wine opener with an included foil cutter if having to perform an arm workout to open a bottle of wine is not your idea of a good time. Just insert the "needle" into the cork, press the plunger down a few times, and your vino is ready to be poured.

    Hand using the wine opener on a bottle of wine

    6. A tube of Differin acne treatment gel so you can jumpstart your skincare routine with one of the strongest spot treatments you can get without a prescription. Reviewers warn some patience is required (but it's worth it), so give this retinoid cream a chance to work its pore-penetrating, inflammation-reducing magic.

    a split before and after image of a reviewer with acne around their chin and the acne cleared up

    7. A clever dishwasher magnet for stopping the next unsuspecting house dweller from putting a dirty fork in that load of freshly cleaned dishes.

    Reviewer holding the dishwasher magnet with one side for "clean" and one side for "dirty"

    8. A pack of Wi-Fi-connected outlets to make virtually any electronic device in your home "smart" and control lights, the humidifier, and even the curling iron you always forgot to unplug, all via a phone or voice control.

    a reviewer photo of the smart outlet plugged into a wall outlet with a cord plugged in

    9. A set of reusable wad-free pads because they'll prevent laundry day from being derailed by tangled bedsheets. These help maintain a balanced washer drum, reduce dry times, and prevent wet clothes from getting trapped in the sheets. 

    Wad-Free is a small biz that was launched during the pandemic by Cyndi Bray, who learned CAD (computer-aided design) to create the pads. 

    Promising review: "Wow!!! You wonder if things like this really work and well, I can absolutely confirm it does! First, I was impressed that the package came with two of the devices because I was only expecting one. So there was one for the fitted sheet, and the flat sheet. Finally, I tried it out and my sheets not only did NOT wad up, they came out of the dryer feeling fresher, feeling more dry, and unwrinkled! I will be buying a set of these for each of my immediate family members and close friends! What a great gift!!!" —katy

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    10. A USB rechargeable water dispenser that turns any 'ole water jug into an automated water ~station~. Press the button on top and it'll start pumping water. Press it again to stop. It's that easy!

    Reviewer using the dispenser to pour water from the jug, hands-free

    11. A roll of reusable bamboo towels if you're tired of wasting money on expensive, single-use paper towels. They're 100% machine washable, super absorbent, and soft enough to use on skin. Best of all? One roll offsets up to 60 rolls of conventional paper towels.

    12. A washable leak-proof floor mat so you can keep your floors looking like they did before you introduced a lovable but messy child into your home. The top easily wipes clean, while the bottom is dotted with silicone dots for safe, skid-proof protection.

    Reviewer's picture of the cartoon safari-themed floor mat under a high chair

    13. A pack of cleaning K-Cups because, unless you really have your life together, the inside of your Keurig is likely coated with grinds and residue from old brews. Now you can give your machine regular deep cleans in the same amount of time it takes to make a cup o' joe. Side effects may include better-tasting coffee.

    14. A pair of absorbent marble car coasters for personalizing your car's interior while protecting cupholders from all manner of wet and sticky mystery messes.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble car coasters in their car

    15. A set of Reel bamboo toilet paper to treat your tushy to a cushy three-ply wiping experience that's easier on your septic tank and the planet. It's super absorbent so you can use less and save $$$ over time.

    16. An adjustable Boobuddy that'll help keep your boobs in place for less pain and bouncing during high-impact exercises. The compressive design can be worn alongside your favorite sports bra, and has the seal of approval from reviewers with up to F cups.

    Model running while wearing the band under their sports bra

    17. These eucalyptus toilet-cleaning bombs so you can effortlessly clean your porcelain throne with a lot less scrubbing and a lot more fun! Just plop one in and watch it dissolve with all the bubbling pomp and circumstance of a bath bomb.

    a pile of white tablet next to branches of eucalyptus

    18. A cordless mini vacuum cleaner if crumbs are (not to be dramatic) the bane of your existence. It'll help save your desk, couch, drawers, and more from those annoying little messes that make life just a bit worse.

    19. A set of electric toothbrush head covers for protecting your mouth from all the gross germs floating around your bathroom that you'd like to pretend aren't there but — I hate to break it to you — are there.

    Reviewer holding the head cover, with another protecting their electric toothbrush

    20. A charmeuse pre-rolled scarf because tying the scarf is a whole lot of hassle that you no longer have to deal with. This large design can accommodate a wide range of hairstyles and the silky-smooth satin will help hair retain moisture and prevent breakage.

    21. A pair of heavy-duty kitchen herb shears to cut down on the *thyme* it takes to prep fresh herbs. Speed things up with these five-blade shears and an included cover that doubles as a comb to remove clinging herbs, making cleanup simple and reducing food waste.

    22. A kid's divided meal tray that guides fussy eaters through an adventure-filled board game that'll trick your child into thinking they're the big Dinner Winner when really it's you for tricking them into eating their vegetables.

    The picky eater plate in "pirate" theme

    23. A roll-up multipurpose drying rack so you can dry your dishes without losing an ounce of counter space. It can also be used as a prep board, flat colander, and trivet in case it wasn't already functional enough for ya.

    24. An adjustable doggie seatbelt that clips right to their harness to keep your pup from climbing all over the place mid-drive, while still allowing them to comfortably sit or lay down.

    Reviewer's dog buckled in their car

    25. A convenient waterless pet shampoo for freshening up your furry friend between regular baths. Simply spray it on, towel it off, and enjoy your cat's or dog's silky, shiny, scented coat.

    a reviewer photo of a hand holding the spritz bottle of dry shampoo

    26. A set of microfiber cloths because why bother cleaning if the glass is just going to look foggy anyway? These cleaning cloths will make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste with a 100% lint- and streak-free finish.

    27. A duo of blind-spot mirrors to give you the confidence necessary to tackle three-point turns and tight parallel parking jobs. Pay for valet? No need. The Parking Pro has got it handled.

    Reviewer's picture of the blind spot mirror on their side view mirror

    28. A single-serve pour-over coffee dripper if your bank account is starting to feel the effects of those expensive daily coffee runs. This fuss-free dripper fits on a variety of mugs and couldn't be easier to use — just pour hot water over the filter, wait, and enjoy!

    29. A pair of no-show socks with moisture-wicking powers so you can end your search for a sock that fulfills its non-slip promises.

    Reviewer wearing the no-show socks with Converses to show how they're barely visible

    30. A pack of soap savers to help get the most out of your soap by elevating it. This helps each bar dry more evenly so it doesn't dissolve into a squishy, sudsy mess. And if the soap saver starts to look a little scummy, just give it a rinse!

    Picture of sudsy soap drying on the sponge

    31. A cotton yarn hanging basket that turns wall space into storage space, and looks sooooooo good doing it.

    32. A hands-free dog leash with reflective threading so you can multitask and make sure both you and your pup are getting enough exercise without the hand-fumbling awkwardness of traditional leashes. Now run, Forrest, run!

    Reviewer's dog on the hip bungee leash

    Looking at your bank account after solving all your problems, and seeing you have so much money left over: