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    17 Couches If Yours Has A Permanent Butt-Dent And It's Time For A Replacement

    Because 2020 was like the Olympics for couches, and some just couldn't keep up.

    1. An eye-catching tufted sofa that belongs in a stately library but is equally suited for weekends spent parked in front of the TV.

    2. A tufted faux leather sofa with memory foam cushions for the perfect balance of squish and support if you're tired of being eaten alive by sunken couch cushions.

    3. A sleek L-shaped sectional to really take your lounging game to the next level with a built-in chaise that can be moved to either end to accommodate your current (and future) room layout.

    4. A velvet sofabed for the entertainer who's always wanted a pull-out couch but never thought one could fit in their pint-sized living room. Enter this velvet dream, which manages to jam a full-sized bed into a piece that's not-so-gigantic.

    5. A fringe-trimmed sofa because you've seen enough rectangle couches to last a lifetime and could go for something a little more ~curvaceous~.

    6. A classic sofa so you can trick guests (and your butt) into thinking you spent a lot more money on this minimalist beauty than you actually did.

    7. A striking big-armed sofa that manages to look incredibly modern yet homey all at the same time with the gently curved continuous backrest and included matching throw pillows!

    8. A timeless velvet sofa if you need a chameleon-like couch that can blend in with any decor and is comfortable enough to withstand some serious all-day lounging about.

    9. A modern loveseat sofa to bring Instagram-worthy big couch-style to your teeny tiny studio apartment.

    10. A bohemian floating sofa for anyone stressed out by the thought of not only shopping for a couch, but side tables too!? This all-in-one masterpiece could be the only thing in the room and guests would still "ooh" and "ahh" at your impressive design know-how.

    11. A tufted foam futon because sometimes a cuddly movie night requires that your very stylish couch become a recliner and/or bed STAT, and this one can do just that.

    12. A cushy modular sectional with under-cushion storage that can easily be reconfigured as a U- or L-shaped sectional so months from now when you get bored with your decor you can easily shake up your space.

    13. A made-to-order handcrafted couch that can be customized every which way — size, fabric, wood finish — to perfectly match your dream aesthetic.

    14. A compact fabric loveseat with a side pocket and dual USB-port if you've ever experienced the pain of leaning over an armrest because your too-short phone charger won't reach. Now you can simultaneously charge and scroll in convenient comfort.

    15. A luxe reclining sectional with built-in cupholders to really take your binge-watching to the next level. Spread out, kick back, and get mad every time Netflix has the audacity to ask "Are you still watching?"

    A dark gray L-shaped sectional with both the end seats in a reclining position and two cup holders by the right-most seat

    16. A glam Hollywood sofa with channel-tufting and loads of custom upholstery options for tying together your luxe, modern living space in fabulous fashion.

    A dark green velvet sofa with angled armrests with channel tufting detailing along the back and sides

    17. A spacious recessed-arm sofabed packed with a queen bed because your parents have made it clear that post-pandemic they will not endure another night on your 10-year-old air mattress when they visit. Before then, you can use the bed as your weekend oasis in front of the TV — absolutely no judgments here!

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